Frida and Diego Rivera

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Frida Kahlo was a Mexican painter born in July 1907 and died from pneumonia at the age of 47 known by her meaningful paintings filled with a painful meaning. Her fine art was seen by numerous individuals as surrealist and communist, yet she denied the names put on herself. Her paintings had made admiration for people, even fashion designers would admire her work, because of the ideas she would implement on her paintings. Woman are attracted by Frida because of her feminism idea. After she divorced Rivera, she decided she would be financially independent by selling her paintings, and that was considerate one of her acts of independence Here are her well-known paintings that involve her heartbreak divorce from Rivera and about her accident. The Two Fridas (1939) she painted this one because of her separation from Diego.

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“Frida and Diego Rivera”

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As we can see we can see two sides her. In one of them she has a traditionally European dress with a broken heart, and in the other one, she has a Mexican dress with a complete heart. It represents the struggle from her divorce. She reflected her pain via paintings, as she always said that she never paints her dreams just her realities. Self Portrait with Cropped Hair (1940), again because of her divorce, she thought about reinventing herself. We can see all the hair cropped in the floor, and we can see her with a man suit and her hair chopped. In order to do an act of disobedience against Rivera, she decided to do this painting. Self-Portrait with Thorn Necklace and Hummingbird (1940), she created this painting one year after her divorce with Diego. Its a reflection from her split. In the painting, we can see that she is between a monkey and a panther.

She and Rivera had a monkey instead because they couldn’t have kids. Around her neck in the painting, she wears a necklace out of spikes with blood and with a dead hummingbird. The Broken Column(1944) when she was 18 years she had a streetcar accident that left her with a broken spinal column. In the painting we can see her after her surgery, she only has her sheet on and a metal in her spine. Also, we can see that in the background it looks stormy and maybe it is because of her pain. The Wounded Deer (1946) Its a symbol about her emotional and physical pain because of her injuries. We can see the deer trapped in the forest with several arrows, and bleeding from all this pain she was having. Most of the works Frida did were done with oils. Oil paints are imposed with pigments, and these pigments help the paint dry slower than others. She used the canvas because that’s the material she used for the oil painting because of its material.

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