Flower for Algernon Nargument

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Some people don’t know how to express the way they feel about something or their need, opinions, or beliefs in a respectful manner. People could get defensive around people they do not know all that well, panic around those they want to impress, all fear that they could end a friendship or keep one from starting. People resort to aggression, personal attacks, threats or insults because it has worked before, and that’s how they learned to get their needs met. If you come across people like this, it’s best to tell them directly that you will not deal with their crap.

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“Flower for Algernon Nargument”

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They must treat each other like they would wish to be treated. Once when back in elementary school, there was a kid with Tourettes. Some of my friends thought it would funny to make fun of him and mess with him. This kid did not have any severe Tourettes, all he did was blink and gulp but when they started to mess with him, his “ticks” would go off the hook. They thought it was funny so they laughed as they walked away and the next day, I found out that they had taken some of his things. At closer inspection I found out that it was some sort of circuitry, but I thought nothing of it. So I returned it to him and found out that he fixes and builds computers. Remember this was in elementary school. I thought this was really cool and asked him to teach it to me and he said yes. He taught me some of what he knew but ended up moving away later that year. I learned later on that my friends had no real experience of dealing with people with disabilities and made fun of him just as anyone he was friends with.

They are just bad people all together. They do not care about being nice to other around them. These people do not care about appearing nice to others and probably have little reason for treating others well because they are not treated well themselves. They probably are not very interested in having friends or being accepted socially and liked, and therefore they do not care or have any motivation to be nice or respectful to others. Sometimes some people do not know that they are being mean. Some people do not know when they are being rude, mean, or offensive. They are simply unaware they come off as rude to others. Their behavior is doesn’t arise from malice but from lack of social awareness, lack of understanding of social cues and norms and lack of ability to identify rude behavior in themselves or others.

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