Five Healthy Spices in your Food

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Summary: This article sums up a list of some picked organic Indian spices that are known worldwide among the master chefs and foodies for their incredible health benefits. Organic spices and herbs are an indispensable part of India’s culinary culture. Known as the ‘spice land’, India ranks amongst the few of the countries in the world for their praiseworthy cuisines and diversities in food. Indian cuisines are colorful, healthy, and obviously flavorful! While spices are the real reason behind such specialties of Indian dishes, there are many good reasons to use up a great number of spices in every dish. Valuable health benefits are supreme reasons. Spices can cause the dishes to be sweeter or sourer, bitter or savory, aromatic or pungent. But, one thing for which spices will always remain at the heart of Indian cooking is the medicinal properties that they hold. Each one of them has some unique capacity to improve health. Have a look at some of the most popular ones.

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“Five Healthy Spices in your Food”

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Cardamoms are seeds in the form of tiny green pods and are majorly used in dishes to give them a stringent aroma. Their benefits include cure for major digestive issues including bloating, loss of appetite, gastronomic pains and heartburn. It is even found to have some capacity to heal bad breaths, for which many have it as a mouth freshener.


It perhaps tops the chart of Indian organic spices in medicinal values. While this dark yellow spice harvested from the Curcuma longa roots just adds color to every dish, it has really some incredible power to treat pains in the stomach, diarrhea, stomach bloating, gastric, and loss of appetite. Not only that, turmeric is proven to cure skin inflammation, wounds, infections, and even arthritis.

Cumin seeds

Commonly called “Jeera”, these are very tiny seeds used in a lot of traditional Indian dishes. Their medicinal abilities include enhancing the body’s immune system, giving relief to body pains and bone aches, reducing nausea, controlling cramps and indigestion. Besides, cumin seeds are iron-containing spices and so are used in a lot of health supplements.


These are little black buds, used in dishes for flavor and aroma. Cloves have great uses in beauty and personal hygiene products such as toothpaste, body oils, soaps, because of their healing properties. The stem and flower buds of the plant are used to extract oils that are used in a number of medicines. It heals major stomach distresses, like intestinal gas, diarrhea, and nausea.


This spice among the lot comprises of a great number of medical benefits besides its capacity to make dishes with heavenly tastes. It has an aesthetic aroma that imparts great flavors in every food that it is used in. Asafoetida is infamous among the Indian households for its capability to recover one from asthma, throat infections cough, bronchitis and stomach upset. It’s also found to have a useful advantage in relieving women from painful cramps during menstruation.

These perhaps have explained you well why spices lay at the core of Indian food culture. There are many more to add to this list like coriander, black pepper, saffron, mustard seeds, ginger, and cinnamon that bear as great health benefits as these.

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