Fire in the Workplace

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In every work environment, strict observation of fire protection guidelines is always a priority to ensure the safety and continuity of service provision. However, there is always a window of opportunity which fire exploits to surprise workers of any given institution. From experiments gone wrong and cause blasts to defective electrical appliances which combine with fire- friendly immediate environments, the fire seems to gain the upper hand on its slightest opportunity rapidly. It is, therefore, the level of preparedness and effectiveness by members of a working facility that determine how soon they can suppress the fire while guarding against loss of lives and property.

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“Fire in the Workplace”

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As fire causes panic, maintaining of relative calm is necessary to make life-saving decisions and apply them effectively. Anyone who spots an out of control fire should raise the alarm to alert other occupants of a building and save them from being engulfed by fire flames or smoke, then collectively analyze the threat and apply appropriate actions in a calm state. While a mild to low-risk fires may be put out by use of pre-installed fire fighting equipment, it is only advisable to do so if and when it is safe. In case the fire poses a grave danger; it is wise to shut down any running machines and other items that can fuel the spread of fire and also close doors and windows to limit the flow of oxygen before moving out of the building through stairs and call for help. People should avoid lifts if possible since they are known death traps as they regularly fail upon fire alarm activation.

In the event one is trapped on the inside of a blazing fire, it is advisable to move to the windows where one can access fresh air and as well pass signals to the people on the outside. Additionally, one should try and stay at a point of low smoke concentration to avoid shocking and call for help. Once one is out of a burning building, people should assemble at a designated fire point to easily establish if anyone of them has strapped inside. However, one must not lay his life on the line while trying to rescue if you are untrained and do not have appropriate fire equipment as this may put more lives in danger. Always consult with a firefighter.

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