A Rose for Emily Figurative Language

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The rose dedicated to Emily tells the story of a child in the southern aristocratic family. Emily is a child of a southern aristocratic family. Under the overprotection of her father, Emily became a lonely and weird woman. After the death of her father, Emily met Homer. She paid all the love for Homer, but Homer had the thought of leaving. So Emily killed him and put him on the bed in the bedroom for more than ten years. This secret was discovered only after Emily left. This story is a metaphor for the failure and decline of the Southern tradition.

There are many metaphors in this story. For example, Emily's father, the Southern society in the United States was a patriarchal society, and women were excluded from a dark corner. They were just a shadow that could not exist independently. Emily's father is a typical representative of this patriarchal society. He was overbearing, and he used a whip to drive away all of Emily's pursuers, making Emily miss her best age. At that time, Emily had no independent status and no free will. "The portrait of her father's charcoal is hanging on the morgue, and her face is musing." The father seems to be the shadow that Emily can't get rid of. It is as if in the American Southern society at the time, all women were assimilated into the shadow of men.

The black slave Toby in the text is actually a symbol of the slavery in the South. Although the author did not use too much ink to describe him, he was the last person to accompany Emily, and waited until Emily died. It shows that the old culture of the South has passed and slavery no longer exists. So Toby also left people's sight. The last sentence in the article describes his sentence as "He walked through the house and walked out of the back door, and he never disappeared." At the end of the novel, "the ruined rose curtains, the rose shades, the dresser" suggests that Miss Emily is like a long-lost rose, inserted in a dusty vase. Together with that gorgeous and morbid era, it will always be fixed on that day.

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