Exploring Northern Territory – Alice Springs and Uluru

The vast land of Northern Territory is unodubtedly a great insipration for travelers. Visitors will certainly head to Darwin, Palmerston and Alice Springs, the most populated areas and important points of interest. However, these ancient lands inhabited by Aborigines tens of thousands years ago still preserve wide range of the Aboriginal culture and over 80 different languages that people still speak. What you should certainly do is to learn about the unique wildlife, local history, Indigineous art and culture with mystic ancient stories.

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“ Exploring Northern Territory – Alice Springs and Uluru”

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Alice Springs is a good starting point for you Northern Territory adventure. MacConnell Ranges and the outback around the town will help you feel the true Dreamtime spirit of Mparntwe, the Arrernte (local people) name for the town. Try to connect with land the way the Arrenrnte people do. The Alice Wanderer bus will take you across the town to unocover historic sites of the first settlers.

In hot desert climate, cool interior of numerous museums in Alice Springs is undoubtedly tempting. Certainly, this is not the reason you will visit them. They offer a great insight into different aspects of Australian life. In the Museum of Central Australia, you can learn much about the evolution of the flora and fauna on the continent.

The Central Australian Aviation Museum displays historical airplanes as well as the planes that the Royal Flying Doctor Service used to reach the most remote patients.

Women’s Museum of Australia will help you understand the challenges the women in the area had to face. You can learn about educational challenges for school children in these remote areas at the School of the Air Visitor Centre.

Aboriginal art galleries are a treat no matter whether you are an art-lover or not. Nobody can resist the impressive colorful designes. These are also the places to chat with local Indigenous artists. You should certainly visit Araluen Arts centre in Alice Springs and see contemporary Australian and Indigenous art.

  • Northern Territory For Families

Alice Springs Desert Park reveals the variety of wildlife right in the city. Just a ten-minute drive from the city centre will enable you to spend time with dingoes, red kangaroos, emus, thorny devils and birds of pray. Kids will also learn about poisonous snakes and other interesting reptiles in Alice Springs Reptile Centre. What can be more fun than seeing various lizards, an olive python and Terry the saltwater crocodile?

Your kids will never forget a visit to an aboandoned joeys sanctuary near Alice Springs. These baby kangaroos found by the roadside live in The Kangaroo Sanctuary where you can see the little creatures wrapped in blankets and feed them.

  • Visiting Uluru

The stunning rocks of Uluru or Ayers Rock is worth all the effort of traveling to the land Down Under. The gigantic formation are believed by Indigenious Australians to be the centre of all Dreaming. Ulru is UNESCO World Heritage listed site, for both ecological and cultural value.

You can fly direct to Ayers Rock Airport and stay in a hotel in Ayers Rock Resort. Instead, you can take a bus from Alice Springs. You will understand the Red Centre better if you hire a car and drive from Alice Springs.

Grown-ups and kids will enjoy this extraordinary place alike. However, don’t expect to climb the spiritualy significant rocks of the Anangu community. You can just circumnavigate it on foot. There are Rangers Walk and Mala Walk. You can also take a camel-train tour to witness the most mangificent sunsrises and sunsets with light glowing across Uluru and Kata Tjuta. Don’t miss the opportunity to visit Kata Tjuta, another impressive rock formation.

The man-made wonder the Field of Light is still waiting for you by the end of 2020 – one of the largest light installations in Austalia ever.

  • Hidden Gems In The Northern Territory

Outside the town you will admire spectacular landscapes and take a ride to remote communities. Riding a bike to Simpsons Gap, a working cattle station, a kamel trek across sand dunes of the Simpsons Desert, driving along Tanami Track and visiting sites near St Teresa, a small Aboriginal community are some of the activities.

  • Where To Find Accommodation?

It is easy to find accommodation that best suits your style and your planned expences. You can choose between luxury hotels and budget-friendly hostels.

  • What To Eat?

You will find excellent dining options. You should try Barramundi, a tasty fish, Mud crabs, crocodile meat and soda bread. If you like something sweet, try kakadu plum jam, quandong (local peach). Have a cup of Bush tea or Paul’s Iced Coffee.

  • Useful Tips For First-Timers to the Northern Territory
  • It would be nice to buy local clothes and art to help the local community.
  • Look at the weather forecast carefully and take appropiate clothes.
  • You should drink enough water, especially if you spend time outdoors.
  • What Is The Best time To Visit The Northern Territory?

Northern Territory is divided into two climate zones. Central regions with Alice Springs are dry and visitors can expect the average of 20oC – 35oC in the summer months and 3oC – 20oC in the winter.

  •  Public Transportation In the Northern Territory

You can easily reach the area by frequent flights from the coastal cities. Having arrived, you can use inter-city bus services to travel across the country.


Visiting Northern Territory will certainly be one of the best experiences of your life. So why don’t you start packing right now?

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