Evaluation of Mother Tongue Based Multilingual Education

The important of language is for enhancing educational attainment through improve communication ability. There are some students who have so much difficulties with their communication skills, which is not appropriate to use or understand. Specially, if our language is not our first language or native language that weve been use at home. As the name implies MTB-MLE it is learning that is pursued throughout life. According to Delors (1996) four pillars of education for the future lifelong learning crosses sectors, promoting learning throughout traditional schooling and throughout adult life. Language is not everything in education, but without language, everything is nothing in education (Wolff, 2006).

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“Evaluation of Mother Tongue Based Multilingual Education”

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Education is only instruction to determine what is right and wrong. Mother tongue is a part of curriculum in education system globally. Children begin schooling they have begun gaining their confidence in their ability to communicate meaningful in their own vernacular language. They have also built a foundation of knowledge and experience through observing and interacting with peers and adults in their community. MTB-MLE is education in several languages based on mother tongue. The beginning language of teaching is the mother tongue termed as language 1 (L1). This lead to the learning as a second language (L2) and a third language called (L3) (Alidou et al, 2006).

Children language, knowledge and experience bring to school form an important foundation for their learning in the classroom. The educational problem faced by many children from ethno-linguistic communities in two-fold. Linguistic minority groups are driven to further poverty, culturally and economically, because the language being use as a resource of educational achievement and equal access for economic and benefits in a competitive society (Mohanty, 1990, p.54). for those who do not speak their official language when they enter to education it finds that their knowledge, experience and language serving as a foundation for learning that treated as disadvantage. Instead, textbooks and teaching are in a language they neither speak nor understand (Richards and Rodgers, 1986).

The countries also adopted various policy change to ensure access, equity, quality and relevance of primary education. One of the innovation is by implementing mother tongue in schools both as a subject and a medium of instructions. Education attainment can be enhanced if they taught their mother tongue in early grades (e.g. Benson, 2002; Dutcher, 2003). In contrary, in a dominant language or different children mother tongue, in early grades it invites serious challenging in education e.g. high drop-out rates, low educational attainment and lack of classroom interaction (UNESCO, 2003). Due to those problems, a number of indigenous children who came from different linguistic groups is still out of school is because of low performance in the ground of their low competence of the language as a medium of instruction in school environment Dutcher (2004).

Recognizing and responding to diversity is a key principal for quality education (UESCO 2008). Uk has a strong focus on improving quality and access of education for children disadvantages by their ethnicity. Save the children experience is that language use in school acts a major barrier to education for children who have difficulties. The world bank estimate that that half of the children out of school globally do not have access to the language of school in their home lives the indicating the significance of language barriers in education (world Bank 2005).

There is growing evidence from Across Africa, latin America and Asia that MTB-MLE is the most appropriate solution for children who do not use their official language (Collier, 1997, Benson, 2006).there is also a clear evidence that good quality of MTB-MLE education works, resulting in a substantial efficiency savings to the education system and leading to the better learning competencies and competency in both general language and locale languages (webley et al, 2006).
The linguistic and cultural diversity in the Philippines being much complexity to the issue of language policy to education (Lewi, Simons and Pennig, 2003). The Philippines offers a challenging environment for implementing a language. The Philippines language policy have fluctuated because of a different policy from generation until recently.

In the Philippines from Basic Education to K to 12 Curriculum, the teaching and learning goals and objectives apparently have a paradigm shift especially in materials use during a current adaptation of K-12 curriculum. MTB-MLE is a newly offered by a DepEd in the Philippines as an academic subject from Grade 1-3, where in the language instruction is mother tongue of the learners. The use of resources in school must be used in their language they known most especially of textbooks to use language they known and also for the teachers Sheldon (1998). Filipino, English and others as well as to assist the teacher to realize such educational goals and to develop activities that will help learners to achieve this goals.

In the Davao City all public schools adopted the MTB-MLE. There are three medium languages use the first language called (L1) Bisaya, second language called (L2) Filipino, and third language called (L3). They ensure that a student has a learning outcome and develop them as a captivated learners. They also helped the students developing attitudes and critical thinking through the use of MTB-MLE. By the help also of mother tongue parents may able to understand and guide their children as needed. The researchers would like to conduct an initial study about the result of evaluation of Mother Tongue Based-Multilingual education in Davao city or selected schools and DepEd institution school year 2018-2019.

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