Early Childhood Special Education

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Child centered education refers to the different education programs, learning experiences and instructional approaches that are intended to address distinct learning needs of children.  Children have distinct needs in terms of their cultural backgrounds, aspirations and interest.  This means that learning should be tailored to these various distinct specific needs as per the individual child. This paper talks about child centered education, its importance and needs. It also discusses the various challenges faced by professionals in this field. (Doddington, C., & Hilton, M. (2007).

Child centered education is very important because every child has a right to education.  Despite any factor that may separate or distinct a child from other children, he or she still deserve and stand to have a right for education. Child centered education makes this dream come true for many children with special needs.  This is because the child will be well cared for in terms of quality education and positive learning experience.  This practically means that child centered education oppose the generalization norm of putting all the children together and regarding them as all equal. (Entwistle, H. (2012)

Children with special needs requires specific learning styles, tailored to their specific needs, Child centered education is therefore very important and highly needed and required in any learning institution. Dewey has had a positive influence in child centered education. He believes that those who are served with the duty of education must do their work extremely well an answer to their call promptly. He believes that all educators must care for the children and give them the best.

There are many challenges that professionals in this area of learning normally face.  One of the challenges is the wide spread misconception that people have that teaching is easy.  In the real since, teaching is a profession that is very hard and entails a lot of responsibilities.  Despite all the hardship associated with this profession of early childhood special education, people still fail to recognize the role of teachers or professionals in this profession.  These professionals have to deal with children with various disabilities or special needs.  Such children require special education that is centered to their special needs.  When dealing with for example a handicap child, it would require physical assistance as part of the education.  This is a big challenge that requires a lot of devotion.

Another challenge that professionals in this field face is the idea that special education and early childhood education do come with additional unexpected duties.  When dealing with children of special needs, the possibility or likelihood of emergency is very high with respect to the special needs of the child.  Most of this emergency is always very difficult to cope with.  This therefore poses additional challenge to professionals in this field.  Having to do what they never planned or expected to do. Some of these children with  special needs  are sometimes too risky to handle, what this means is that they may be suffering from deadly diseases such as epilepsy, this therefore means that the teacher or professional dealing with this child  must at all-time keep an eye on the child.  This is an additional responsibility and an additional tusk all together.

Dealing with children with special needs is therefore a challenging duty and most of the people refer to it as a call. Professionals in this field of early childhood special education must therefore be devoted and hardworking in order for them to perform their duties perfectly. Most of the professionals that are involved in this feed of early childhood special education as discussed earlier are normally faced with various challenges. This therefore means that they should always be given support at all times.  On the contrary, these professionals have not been given much support that is required. The society has basically ignored this group of people thus posing another challenge to them. They always lack the technical assistance which can enable them to deliver their best educative support to the growing children especially those who have various disabilities. They also have to be remunerated fairly according to standards and the level of their work. This has never been the case; they have faced salary issues and adequate technical support and assistance.

With also the advancement in all sectors of life, including education, this area of special education also requires advancements.  Most modern schools these days have adopted computers in their learning programs. Special education requires much more technical assistance in terms of technological improvements. As discussed earlier on the issue of child centered education, it is practically clear that most children with social needs will require special assistive technology that will enable them to acquire the best knowledge and skills. This has been a challenge in the field of early childhood special education.  Professionals in this feed have called for governments and NGOs to support them in the provisions of these assistive technologies, but less support have been received in effect.

A specific class or learning center may have children with various disabilities.  Since each child is a special case, the teacher must change the lessons and teaching styles in order to adapt to the various special challenges.  This will also enable the teacher to assist each disabled leaner by providing customized educational programs. This alone makes this profession a great challenge and a dislike to many.

Another challenge faced by individuals or professionals in this profession is the problem of an inclusive classroom.  This is a concept that refers to having learning centers that have both the special needs children and the children who are developing typically. Inclusive classroom poses a new challenge especially to teachers who are dealing with these children. A good example is  where many children  who have no disabilities are unaccustomed  to dealing with those who do,  teachers in this areas or classes are given the responsibility  of elimination or removing the cruelty  that exist between the two group of children.  They should ensure that those with disabilities are treated fairly and with respect.  This alone is another challenge or setback to a teacher in this field. ( In Nwokah, E. E., & In Sutterby, J. A. (2014).

It is therefore very clear that professionals in this field of early childhood special education always face a lot of challenges due to the nature of their work. They therefore deserve support and motivation to boost their morale for work. This is a field that has grown so fast with so many children having special needs coming up.  The civilized world of today have shunned away from marginalization of children with special needs. It’s therefore a specific duty of all to cooperate and help these children in achieving their dreams. From the common say, disability is not inability, people can always learn that such children ought to be well educated and trained through centered and customized learning styles in order to derive the best from them.

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