Compare and Contrast “On Liberty” by John Stuart Mill


This paper simply has to compare and contrast on various books in connection with the issue of political science and how they relate to one another on various issues discussed by the writers. “Address to the German Nation” by Johann is one of the books in which it addresses some of the issues on German nationalism on the matters of the manner in which the people reacted to the occupation of the Napoleon and the French emperor on their territory. This is a political literature book that summarizes some of the reactions that the citizens of the nation had to go through to make sure that they cover their territories. Karl Marx is a philosopher who wrote the other book “Communist Manifesto” where he wrote the book back in 1847 together with Friedrich Engels. The publication that is very brief simply shows the manner in which Marx declares some of the arguments and the platform that the communist party had. A manifesto is one laid down strategy in which a party or a political party should have to the people and   Marx wrote the book on the basis in which the Communist Party in England had laid to the people of the country. Finally, the third book to put into comparison is the one from an English philosopher John Stuart known as the “On Liberty”. In this case, the publication done in the year 1859 shows how the writer applied his ethical systems for utilitarianism in front of the society and the whole state. The philosopher in this book tries the manner in which he will simply relate the issue of authority and liberty within the nation and this is why the book is regarded to be one of the best writes in political philosophy. Therefore, these are the three books in which the paper will compare and contrast the manner in which all the writers had similar and contrasting opinions on the issue of political philosophy and literature (Mill, 2015 Pg. 67).

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“Compare and Contrast “On Liberty” by John Stuart Mill”

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First, “On Liberty” the given author has tries a lot in establishing the standards for the given relationship between the issue of authority and the liberty issue in the country. All these two are based on the given importance of individuality within the society and the state we live today and this is the reason as to why the philosopher John Stuart is attempting to relate the two. Comparing to the book by Johann, “Addresses to the German Nation”, this political literature write simply tries or attempts to advocate on the issue of German nationalism. Nationalism is the feeling that a person or a society has a belief in his nation or state. This is simply compared to John’s book on the issue of liberty and authority where every person is attempting to face the issue of individualism within the nation. The two books are a show of the manner in which the people within the nations have to cover up their nation and face all the problems be it political together. Johann explains the manner in which the issue of nationalism was seen in German that time when the Napoleon Empire tried to seize some of the lands and other properties from the people and other societies. The reaction from the people of German in that time simply showed nationalism and the issue of individualism is reciprocated in these actions. Actions on liberty and the manner in which people should respond to such occasions is a liberal thing that compares the two literatures writes at any given time. Napoleon and the French empires that were seizing the rights of the people within German are a symbol of authority that is mentioned in the other book for the case of liberty for the people (Johann, 2013 Pg. 56).

Marx book on the communist manifesto is a literature write on the issue of politics in which this is a common theme in all the three books. Politics and the manner in which the states are run during the time in which the authors were writing these books is a common agenda to address to the people and the readers have to note the same. In this book from Marx, it is evident that he is giving a manifesto for the Communist Part in the country of England. Marx states in the book that the given history of the hitherto and other existing societies in the country is the history of that class that simply struggles to live. This is the theme the writer gives the Communist Party in England on the manner in which it should program their manifesto so that they can cover all the angles for the people to be satisfied with the issue of governance. Not leaving behind the theme of the paper, the comparison of the book to that of Stuart it is important to understand that he builds his writings on the people.  Like Marx, Stuart uses the issue of liberty and free governance where the people have to realize that for them to achieve their goals as the citizens in that country, the government has to start working simply as an instrument in order to delegate the people’s will and wishes. This is simply a given manifesto in which the government should have so that it can make sure that the people are well taken care of within the government set programs. Therefore, the issue of the communism and the issue of manifesto and liberty all has to be achieved through the sitting government for the people to understand the whole idea behind having a good government (Mill, 2015 Pg. 67).

Also in the addresses of the German nation by Johann, the same gospel of how liberty and authority has to be achieved by the people is laid down. This is in the manner in which the citizens have to realize how they have to react and participate in any issues regarding their nation for them to have liberty. For example, the manner in which the German people had to respond to the Napoleon attacks and stealing of their property is a show of the manner in which the people will have to take part in any given situation to save their country. Communism manifesto and the liberty book shows how the citizens should have to realize that for them to have peace they have to task the government on various issues regarding their rights and the standards of living. The only contrast between the three books is that Marx wrote on the issue of communism, Johann wrote on the matters of nationalism and individualism whereas, Stuart concentrated on the liberty for the people and the manner in which the people should have to behave within a given government. On liberty simply shows the manner in which the majority of the given opinion would serve for the citizens for them to feel that they are not sidelined on any issue of governance within the country. Marx dwelt on the issue of communist within the government with their manifesto having to be followed at any given time. This is simply a show of contrast between liberty where in this case it is simply democracy and the fact that communist has to be laid down strategies or manifesto to be followed strictly (Marx, 1992 Pg. 45).


In concluding this deep comparison and contrast between the three political literature writes from different authors, it is seen that Marx uses the communism act of the government to pass all the information through a manifesto. Johann with his calculated write simply attempts to show the manner in which some standards are applied within the issue of authority and liberty for the people to feel that they are governed. Also, the manner in which the people reacts to some of the prepositions of the government like the manner in which the German people reacted to the issue of the Napoleon Empire attacks. Within the context of Stuart, it is simply democracy within liberty and the manner in which the government has to play a role within the people and the structures of the same state to make sure the people are safe from anything. In this case, the majority’s opinion counts a lot within the governance of the people and how they will have to behave.

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