Coming of Age in the Dawnland

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Mann’s purpose for writing the passage, Coming of Age in the Dawnland, was to describe the development of Dawnland as well as the cultures in the community and to compare Tisquantum to the other people within the civilizations. He does this by first giving some insight on Tisquantum, then went on talk about the opinions of English people on the Dawnland civilization and how it was made. Finally, he goes on and talks about the routines of the people in the civilizations, comparing Tisquantum to them, and their customs. Mann accurately uses his knowledge of the civilization and Tisquantum, as well as a few quotes by people in history, which in return helps him to prove his point.

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“Coming of Age in the Dawnland”

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Mann’s understanding of Tisquantum helps him in developing his purpose for writing this passage. He begins by identifying the meaning of his names. Mann says, tisquantum referred to rage, especially the rage of manitou. Mann also states, he regarded himself first and foremost as a citizen of Patuxet, a shoreline settlement halfway between what is now Boston and the beginning of Cape Cod. The author’s insight on Tisquantum is what helps lead him into the next topic. Because of this, it causes for an easy transition into the different cultures and the Dawnland civilization.

Tisquantum’s childhood wetu (home) was formed from arched poles lashed together into a dome. English visitors did not find this arrangement peculiar. Nor did the English regard the Dawnland wetu as primitive. This quote that the author used proves the purpose for writing the passage because he uses the different opinions of people from England and also relates it to Tisquantum’s childhood home. Mann achieved his purpose because he incorporated other ideas of other people, rather than those of the Natives. These ideas that he has incorporated into this passage aid in the progressing of the purpose.

Also, he states the regimen and way of life of Tisquantum and the other people in Dawnland. Mann states, The primary goal of Dawnland education was molding character. Men and women were expected to be brave, hardy, honest, and uncomplaining. Tisquantum’s regimen was probably tougher than that of his friends for it seems like he was selected to be a pniese…pniese had to subject themselves to such miserable experiences to learn self-discipline. This quote compares Tisquantum to other people in the Dawnland community because they both had to learn how to be brave and have self-discipline. These customs that have been elaborated are what bring the passage together, because Mann was able to use these two different people with two different customs and compare and contrast them in order to establish a motive.

Mann did a good job at instituting a purpose for this passage. His use of background information on Tisquantum, ideas from other people in the Dawnland community and how it was made, and lastly the comparison of the routines and lifestyles of people in Dawnland and Tisquantum, is what forms the objective of the passage. All of these key points are what lead Mann into the main purpose of this reading. By using what he knows about Tisquantum and the other natives of Dawnland , as well as using information from other people, such as the English, he establishes his purposes and does an outstanding job of doing so.

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