Candide and Don Quixote Optimism and Idealism

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The Stories ?’Candide” and Don Quixote are Nobles based on unrealistic and make-believe thoughts or ideas.Don Quixote is a comic lampoon of the medieval romances that audiences of Cervantes’s era Continued to devour. But beneath the parody. Don Quixote makes a poignant comment on universal human qualities. Even as we laugh at Don quixote, we realize that there is something of him in all of us. Like Don quixote, who wished he had lived in an earlier age,and like cervantes himself, who wished he were a military hero.Most of us cherish unlikely dreams.Voltaire’s Candide tells the tale of the woes that befall a naive young man named candide.The novel’s subtitle, Optimism,reflects the fact that Candide is brought up to believe that his world is the best of all possible worlds.

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“Candide and Don Quixote Optimism and Idealism”

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In the story Candide he was the nephew of a German Baron, that grows up in the baron’s castle under the tutelage of the scholar Pangloss. He started liking the barons Daughter which was his cousin. One day Someone Saw them both kiss in went in told the Baron.So one day he went off in 2 Gentleman Approached him in asked him would he like to be king in he told them he was broke but they still told him he doesn’t need money. They fooled him in he ended up going to jail.The regiment was composed of two thousand men; that composed for him four thousand strokes, which laid bare all his muscles and nerves.They told him the Baron got destroyed & his daughter got raped.This story is characterized by its tone as well as by its erratic and fast moving plot.This story is Important because Candide reflects Voltaire’s lifelong aversion to Christian regimes of power and the arrogance of nobility, but it also criticizes certain aspects of the philosophical movement of the Enlightenment. … Voltaire strongly opposed certain Enlightenment ideas about social class. Don Quixote he was a middle-aged gentleman who spends all of his time reading books.As a result of his constant preoccupation with these fanciful tales.

One day him in Sancho Panza was walking in he saw a windmill but from the books he read he thought they were Giants.He wanted to battle with the windmills in service to God to Remove evil of breed from the face of the Earth.Sancho Tried to tell him that the Giant was a windmill and what looked like their arms are the sails that are turned by the wind and make the grindstone move.He still didn’t listen.So he got on his horse in was approaching it in before he could reached it he thrust his lance into the sail,the wind moved it with so much force that it broke the lance into pieces and picked up him in the horse then dropped to the ground and were very badly battered.Don could have broke his back from how hard he fell.Don Quixote was living in a Big Fantasy from the books he read in didn’t know how the real world was. Don Quixote is important because you shouldn’t Believe everything you Read,Hear, or See. People who believe things easily without having to be convinced are credulous…. A synonym for credulous is gullible, and both terms describe a person who accepts something willingly without a lot of supporting facts. Candide, who is naive, overly optimistic and is, in some sense, lost in the fantasy of his philosophy.

In Don Quixote, we find a similarly naive protagonist after whom the novel is named. Don Quixote, after reading so many tales of chivalry, loses touch with his world and names himself a knight errant, upholding values such as honor, chastity, steadfastness, etc.. Don Quixote mediates the world through stories about giants, magicians, moors, etc., of which he sees himself as the protagonist.Even though Candide was a product of a relationship outside his mother’s legal marriage, he was permitted to grow up in the castle of the baron. Once outside the castle, however, he quickly starts to learn about the harsh and violent realities of the world. In spite of his terrible experiences, he never loses his resolve to continue on and to do the right thing, even after making foolish decisions. One way to remember this protagonist’s name is to think of ‘candy,’ which is related to his sweet and childlike nature. Both Don Quixote and Candide have loyal companions who follow them on their adventures. Sancho Panza accompanies Don Quixote across his medieval landscape just as Cacambo accompanies Candide across the Americas. The two novels share an interest in somehow tracing or imagining fantastic territories that are, in some sense, foreign or impossible.Both of these Stories Are Alike because both of the characters had their own ways of thinking that led them both into bad situations in the story.In Conclusion This is how both of the stories are alike & different.

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