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The walking dead is one of the most popular television programs aired in the United States, on AMC. It comes at a very difficult time facing the Americans, a time of recession in their economy and other several challenges faced around the world. Surprisingly, the TV program becomes one of the most viewed and embraced show, despite being released at a time of recession, because of the great impacts and lessons it displays for the viewers.

The AMC channel also airs other top rated and related programs, Mad Men and Breaking Bad. This shows how dominant the show has been, with the later coming second and third after it. The walking dead impact and lessons are unavoidable and permanent in a way. The choice of audience for this program contributes to its dominance. It focuses on all the Americans; the young, the old, the poor, the jobless, the professionals like doctors. It also depicts a slight focus on the governments and how they impose their powers to their subjects, the citizens.

There are several crucial points that can be deduced from the aspect of the TV program. It brings out several key aspects for the analysis, which cannot be assumed. Firstly, the program creates an atmosphere to its viewers that dictates fear. People have to cope living in a world that fear drives their decisions and actions. It shows people living in the fear of attacks from zombies, which could be analyzed to show how people back then, were living in fear of losing their jobs, their families, their longtime build wealth and also their lives. It also shows how people live in fear of losing their dignity, becoming the worst nightmare represented by the zombies after having been the best and future of the community represented by the normal characters trying to get rid of the zombie generation. Another atmosphere created by the program is speculation and uncertainty. There’s a hidden aspect of speculation in that people are uncertain of what’s to come their way, and hence have to come up with their own thoughts and ideas on the subject.

Another important aspect of the program is its metaphoric nature. The program is a metaphor, an aspect brought out by the time of its release. It came at a time when America was facing a lot of recession in its economy and a time when Americans were faced by lots of economic, social and cultural challenges. The program depicts two sides, the normal characters and the zombie characters. The normal characters represent the normal American citizens who are struggling with the different challenges around them. They are the people trying harder every single day to be alive and culturally normal. They are faced with many challenges and situations testing their courage and overcoming ability. They put all they have on the line just to make sure they stay alive with their loved ones. On the other hand, the zombie characters represent the exact opposite people in the world. They are the people obsessed with devastation, the ignorant and irresponsible politicians. They represent the governments that put their citizens under very difficult situations. They represent those that are willing to bring an end to the better future of others. Hence, the whole program was a metaphor in itself.

Another crucial aspect that must be considered is the audience the program tries to address. The program chooses to address all individuals regardless of their age, sex or race. Every individual in the program is directly affected in one way or the other. It is everybody’s concern and responsibility to live a happy, peaceful and undistracted life. Everyone looks out not to be a part of the ‘damage’ caused by the zombie nation. All citizens are to watch over one another, making sure everyone has a chance to survive the hard times of the zombie tragedy. The government also has the responsibility of taking care of its citizens, making them unaffected or slightly affected by the tragedy. The program also tries to address governments, politicians and other destructive-minded people to change their ways, their mindset and objectives before their undesired end comes. They should change and try to live by the social rules that secretly govern how people live with one another.

From the analysis, it is clear that the program was successful. Its success is broadly brought out by the choice of audience to address and also the fact that it’s presented in a metaphoric nature that could be easily synthesized by everyone especially those conversant with the situations surrounding the time of its arrival.

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