Assessing the Financial Performance of HONDA

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'HONDA' is the leading automobile manufactures which is known for its latest innovative ideas implemented in excellence modeling of engineering in automobile field. How is succeeded in acquiring image of leader in all over the world and become best car makers in the world. This research aims to provide a brief on different implementations, strategies, engineering and innovations that are hosting by Honda for running of their organization successfully. When looked towards the history of Honda automobile industry, it was founded by a legendry man named Soichiro Honda. Soichiro usually worked in a automobile shed in early school days where he skilled himself in the sector of automobile and also had idea regarding working procedures of the machines. At the age of 30 Soichiro has been successful in owning a automobile workshop which supplies piston rings to the organization Toyota which is sited in Japan. While working in workshop Soichiro developed curiosity in automobile ground and from there a new automobile industry which is manufacturing two wheelers were started. Japan was under severe economic un stability of resources at the time of second world war at that instance Honda has contributed for the nation by supplying bicycles to the army later this bicycle model was replaced by motor cycle. From that period Soichiro used to build own motor cycles. With the help of some external funding by banks Soichiro established 'HONDA Motors Company' in 1948. Within couple of years Soichiro introduce many motorcycles in to market which become very popular at that time. After the successful organization of company Soichiro fed the business activity by exporting and marketing the automobiles. By 1959 Honda has become the popular leading automaker in the world. In 1963 Honda stepped into four wheel vehicle market with car model T360 mini and S500 sports car. Soichiro always deem of new challenges and support their engineers for new innovations. The starting 4-wheeler S-500 which was introduced by Honda is plotted in below pictures, After successful launching of S-500 model Honda continuously introduced many new models as years passed. Soichiro dedicated his whole life for raising his organization to the top of the world. Soichiro drove every model car that was manufactured by Honda up to 1965. Later left this world in 1991 from here company was stepped into new era. Death of Soichiro is a great loss to automobile technology. After Soichiro died Honda Company was appointed with Nobuihiko Kawamoto as CEO of the organization. Task1 For automobile industries developing new products is a big task and also important for driving the company successfully. Honda must innovate new products so put themselves in the top of the list of competitors. For any product to be successful launched in to market the executives of the Honda must consider various factors to meet the customer needs and satisfaction these factors also include maximization of customers and limiting time strategy. Honda can able to get best results by innovating latest technology that contribute the long term need for customers. With the innovation of new technology by Honda can increase its unit sales of automobiles, electronics and other Honda manufactured products which can easily raise the profits of the organization. Under present situation of this aggressive humankind the majority of the automaker companies similar to Honda are in excited to develop future goods to overcome the pressure from its competitors and to overcome the customer needs and market time limiting. These pressures indicate the position of market and corporation boundaries. Marketing strategy play a significant function in the product improvement, plan and for generating the income for the organization. Hence for the rapid expansion of new goods the administrator of the Honda motors must able to construct the effective working plan to make easy and mobility the resources in the organization. Various set of measure must be taken in to consideration in the process of new product development by automakers. The clients of Honda must be aware of such type of development plans before introducing their new product in to market.(journal of maketing,1995)

Objectives of new products

The clients of Honda must be through with various objectives and methods of satisfying the customer needs. Below mentioned figure determines the project objectives implementation by the organization. For a product to be introduced in to market an introducer routes is the main objective. Overcoming the foreign share competition in the market. Overcoming and preventing the damages when compared with other competitors. Effective utilization of plant for production. Make use of new technology by get rid of older technology. Development objective of new products involve in many aspects and also posses many functions. Objective management involves in strategies such as product determination and pricing. For the successful development of product in to market all the team members including manager is responsible for holding the development strategy. . When having look towards the different versions of cars manufactured by Honda in markets of Asia, innovative edition sedan named Honda city has been launched in car exhibit. Honda city is well built with all its interior luxury suits. This sedan one of the luxury model car which has been launched by Honda Corporation for existence in Asian markets 1981. Honda city is the specialized version of Honda fit aria which was manufactured in 2002. This is a small car with five doors like fit/jazz. Honda Corporation has been succeeded in striking the Asian market with great expectations by the makers. Most recent edition of Honda city was preinstalled with 1.5 i-vtec engines which are monitored in both physical and mechanical modes. The latest i-vetc engines that are installed in Honda city produce power of 6000rpm of maximum power and torque of about 4700rpm. When it comes to dimension of the new Honda city dimensions are about 4420mm in length and with 1695mm width from ground clearance of about 15mm. the maximum capacity of engine in Honda city is about 1497 cc with petroleum efficiency of 42 liters. Latest edition of Honda city is having integrated audio system which can be accessed through mobile of usb ports. It also offers the use of latest peripheral such as iPod with the audio system installed in the car which assures the additional benefits travelling with more pleasure. In latest version audio mobility system is also included in the steering for easy accessing. All new Honda city comes with fully automatic features such as power windows auto lamps, airbags, anti locking system, high break assist and large body with built with latest G-con technology. Front view of the car is built in such a way to ensure pedestrians safety can be easily plotted in front of the car. Honda city is available in market in six color brands such as Crystal Black Pearl, Polished Metal Metallic, Habenero Red Pearl, Alabaster Silver Metallic, Taffeta White and Bold Beige Metallic colors. In present days Honda motors has launched their innovative edition of Honda city cars in the market with model names City ZX VTEC, Honda City ZX GXi , ZX CVT and ZX EXI etc. Honda silent features can be seen in below mentioned pictures. (Auto News,2008).

Exterior look of new Honda city

Interior features of Honda city

*Impressive steering *interior display unit * integrated audio control

*Wide luggage spacing * internal controllers *seating features in Honda city

*images from Google The major operations in marketing strategy of automobile industry are included with various analysis tools. One among these tools is SWOT analysis which would be the perfect analyzing tool for predicting the situation of the organization. SWOT analysis is implemented to specify the different set of favorable factors of the organization and categorize the information in to two methods. Internal factor- this type of factors represent strengths and weaknesses of the organizations. External factor- these factors hints about the threats and opportunities that may rise from external sources. SWOT analysis is one among the categorization processes of strengths and weaknesses of organization. Interior factors indicate the objectives and exterior factors include reasonably priced, legislation as well as socio cultural matters.(2010) Developing manufactured goods in sedan industry is a gigantic task. The majorities of the executives of automobile industry plan their effort in a deliberate way and embrace monitoring methods for working and scheduling their goods time to time. Objectives of a automobile industry is categorized into four groups such as growth of concept, engine improvement, vehicle growth and manufacturing of dissimilar products. The theory of growth includes debate concerning a number of ways for scheming of dissimilar goods and achieving preferred objectives. Innovating of new pioneering thoughts helps to hold a position in market. This theory indicates the vehicle concept indications. The second theory regarding the development is beginning with extremely narrative designs. The emphasis on engines gives the detailed brief about the structures to built genuine engine notion. This growth strategy involves in a variety of actions which includes manufacture and engine assembling. Honda engineers take a special view on making of stylish specialized engines and also different responsibilities such as wadding of body, framework and manufacturing the correct module. The last step derives the procedure for designing, refining the genuine process of production this activity is also recognized as engineering. In automaker companies like Honda all the needs regarding functional subspecialty is identified by their engineers as they are well specialized in significant rear lane. A large amount of engineers of Honda work on different improvement products and complete the objective of the organization. These works in company are supervised by supervisors to make sure the conclusion of work. Honda engineers believe that coherence is the only process to built up a perfect automobile. (Kim B. Clark, Steven C. Wheelwright,1993) Task2 To begin an industry the firm must posses all its essential capital to expand its goods there are essentially five possessions which help the manager of the organization for successful start of business. To be successful in business the organization must able to work with whole dedication towards the commitment of venture. Most of the firms start their trade with no awareness of business action. This helps the organization for structuring out the business action. The person, who organizes, operates and assumes the risk for a business venture will have full commitment from organization. Much of the organization begins their business without noticing the knowledge of developing the activities of business. To start a business organization should know about skills and aspects of activities of business. If the organizations do not contain information about this piece of example after that they can recruiter an employee like accountant. Information regarding business is important and plays and important role in initializing the process of setting up the company. Investment is the main source for any kind of business to meet their needs. Finding investors is a great task and critical for running of the business activity of the organization. If the administration of the organisaton fails have their own investment then they can borrow treasure of about fifty percent form any other financial institutions. An organisatonal firm can borrow 12% of money as loans, 3% from non releated investors. Many of the organizational firms use their personal cards for investing their business activities. In other instances assets like property, savings can be used as the source of investment activity. for successful establishment of business activity Barbara and James plotted some of financing techiniques such as financing organization with help of friends, family and relatives can hold 50% of commerce finance to organization. All the discussion made above is very much helpful for understanding the concept of developing business segment. This thesis also helps the administration of the organization to implementing the new models for growth of their business activity. (Susan Ward,2010) Ability of sedans can be plotted by using two different methods. First method is selection of cars with desire expected features by customers and deem of luxury interior features in car. This methodology guides the consumer who wants to own a car with desired features and best in quality. Most important feature in selection of automobiles is safety in using that product. While owning a new car the buyer must be aware of its internal peripherals such as Chester this methodology helps the individual to have a wide glance over the automobiles such car body which is mounted of an frame with joining them with some breaks which holds it every moment. Later this technology was replace in 1900 with four wheel drive and braking facility with the motive to provide better safety in usage. In this thesis it can also be view different types of methods that are adopted by customers for the selection of new cars for their needs. In this world every mankind is in a deem of owning a compact car. While buying the new cars it was absorbed from the customer point that they also look after the various issues like affordability, complex nature, durability, and safety, pricing and insurance rates. Customers also deem of best mileage before buying for their needs. If at all the organization must be succeeded then their clients must able to satisfy the customer by providing them with their necessities in order to run the organization to gain profits. There are various methods that are established in the market which supports the above discussions. Some among those methods are PEST analysis, SWOT analysis and financial analysis which are used most commonly in various organizations to determine their status and ability with other corporations. This types of techniques enables the organization to gain perfect knowledge in providing the basic needs of an individual and this methodology also gives a detail view regarding the different analysis methods in further discussions.(2010) In order to develop new produces the companies like Honda corporation must able to put their efforts in providing the basic necessary resources which helps in production process and also for innovating new services and schemes to their valued customers. The clients of Honda must be skilled in making use of latest trend technology for the development of products with in no time. With the implementation of using new technology their would be vast increase can be seen in product generation. The different set of resources that are used for the generation of the product in a industry are,

Raw material

The industries in automobile sector mainly makes user of virgin steel and plastics made of petroleum products and vinyl as the base raw materials for modeling the product. Most of the companies use light weighted products so as to decrease their investment cost.


Most of the industries in automobile field manufacture their own products with in industry rather importing them from any other sources. Some of the components that are not made in company are imported in to industry through various truck or rail systems and most of these parts are used in making the chassis.


The term chassis is determine the body of car from ground level. This chassis contains a base on which the whole body and all other components of the car are placed and fitted. Firstly the broad frame is sighted on a line of assembling and clamped to prevent the motion. Later this frame is transferred to the fitting section where all the interior placing work is carried on. This interior work placing is fitting of components like gas tanks , wheel drums, suspension and braking system etc. this representation would be of very much for Honda for efficient understanding and modeling a new invention. The majority of companies in automobile field make use of robots in place of humans for the manufacturing of products in different stages. In initial stage of automating, floor pieces are joined together by robots for placing suspension on chassis. Staff working in that place has to attach radiators and bolts in the manufactured product. Due to vast weighted components use of robots has becomed common as robots work with efficient time with safest mode of doing work.

Body manufacturing

Floor plan is the fixing body on which all braces and panels are bolted simultaneously. When this fixed body is moved down it is assembled with the clamping fixtures after vehicle shell is placed. In this same pattern roof and all other parts are joined. Robots working in automobile industry can pick up load of about 200 pounds to exact position. Manufacturing of body is done separately. Different modules of welding process are hosted by robots in zigzag manner for effective welding process. After the designing of body is completed then the body is fed to painting process.

Painting structure

Before painting process the manufactured body must undergo several inspection with sole while body. Then this body is passed through a white whipping section where it is wiped by inspect ring cloths which are soaked in oil. After completing of this process this car body is moved to cleaning section. Here in this segment the body is wiped and coated with electro statically paint. This process is termed as e-coat. After e-coating process is done final alteration and inspections are made over car body. Automobile industry in modern eras has succeeded in gaining the highest peak in market. Many surveys and debates were placed to know the potential ability of the automakers with respect to customer feedback. After globalization this industry has gained more investment for its growth. In Asian countries like India this impact of globalization made complete change in modernizing the automobile sector. Most of the company launch their new products in to market after a testing adaptability trail buy the customers. From many researches it was observed that most of the customers are always deem of having new car which is embedded with wide variety of luxury features with latest trend technology. A wide excavation work is conducted for approaching new methods and strategies for development of sedans in Asian markets. From the customer feedback it can be stated that most of the new buyer are interested in hybrid and bio fuel cars with well features. In automobile market of India the demand for hybrid sedans are in high demand which makes the companies to work over this types of demand. In modern days auto bile industry is increasing it efforts for lead in market. Many of the separate parts are imported rather making at home. Companies like Honda have become the global manager of automobile industry. Many of the companies are offering e-commerce for their customers. Apart from this some organizations like autobytel are offering a finance scheme for their customers who wish to make online purchasing sedans. These services are provided with great security by the management of industry. Some of the referencing patrons that support the view of above made discussions regarding the features of car is given as, Present trend in market place and marketing research. Globalization aspect and sedan industry Car manufacturing strategy. Policies of manufacturing industry. Automobile dealership. Spares manufacturer. Industrial effect by e-commerce. Telemetric and building technology of car. Latest features and fuel efficiency of car. These type of organizations predict various methods for the selection of perfect car with desired installed features. Automakers must also consider the pricing strategy as the tool of value. Some information is collected with support to above discussions are, Emission reducing facility and fuel competence is the main factor to maintain standards. Quantitative share of Hybrid automobiles in market segment. Implementation of latest trend equipment in electric cars. Slow start for desired vehicles. Powering to vehicles with natural gas. Safety and powerful interior facility. The above representation is extremely much predictable path for new sedan selection with desired conveniences in modern time. (2010) The analysis of various structures can be predicted by using SWOT analysis technique which helps to estimate the infrastructure value. This study technique is useful to examine history, structure of business and infrastructure. With the help of this thesis it can said the Honda is the leading automaker in the world. Honda operates worldwide though it is sited in Japan. SWOT analysis method determines the overall profit of Honda Corporation in 2009 was about $100,112.4m as stated in its annual statement. These figures are some low as sighted with annual reports of 2008. Thus this decrease occurred due to currency decrement and translation in net sales. The initial profits in 2009 was about $1.869.4 which holds the decrease of 80% sales when viewed with 2008 report. Company profit in 2009 was about $1,370.1m which indicates the decline of 77.2% sales in 2008. This analysis system is very much essential for company to examine interior and exterior effects. Company revenue and breakdown can also be predicted by using this method of analysis. With the implementation so such type of techniques company can have much regular contacts with their customers up to date when referred to above statistics.(Data moniter,2010) Honda was succeeded in shaping the organizational nature and operational aspect to much better performance. Innovating may be new ideas or products which would help the organization for to be a perfect perceives for the consumers. In modern days a new innovative is categorized under five segments. New category includes the automobile utility that for its clients. Clients can get their desired products either internally of externally. External marketing includes various services that are imported in to organization by other firms. Internal product development are generated and mobilized by firm itself. This internal task is much riskier as all the revenue over the product must be associated by the firm itself. Strategic partnership, collaborations, licensing agreements and joint venture sources can be plotted when firm count is more than two with motive of development of product. New ideas from different client would also helpful for the growth of the manufactured goods. Most of the new thoughts help to conceive the successful performance in market which in turn leads to the product development. The detailed view over the development process of the product is plotted in diagram. Second method for the product development involves in screening of better ideas that suits for further actions. Third stage is involves in testing and evaluations of the concepts of research over the maketing strategy. Ideas regarding new products are studied and revised again. Internet would be the better source to collect the information and provide them for the customer usage. The further step is business analysis stage. In this method ideas regarding new goods are catagorized based on market conditions and price. After finishing each of the stages perfect design is picked and kept on printed paper for the proper implementation. And this idea is on manuscript untill nessassary finances are collected. The final phase in development of product is prototype. In this method actual idea in changed into product. A fully generated products is obtained after the stage of commercilalization which is of high risk. The different types of sources that are to be taken in to consideration after the successful launch of a prouduct is rate of adoptaion, timing, promotionm, adopting rate, correct timing to launch, promotion of product through different sources of media, publishers and marketing strategy.(2010)


A) launching of new manufactured goods in to market will be enormous deal for companies in automobile industry. Prior to the innovation of innovative products Honda must able to make the collection of statistics on markets Strategy in the Asian market. Honda has uses 4p representation and PEST analysis for thorough understanding of market strategy. 4p representation is best method of indicating various types of elections in a company to bring products to market. 4p model was first described by EJ McCarthy in early 1960s. 4P abridged as follows, * Products * Place * Rate * Promotion These representation methods help managers to manage and market objectives. This marketing strategy 4p theoretical model can be a thorough example of the promotion mix, Honda service, and car models Honda City Honda Jazz 2008 Honda Civic Honda Accord 2008 Honda Civic Hybrid Honda CR-V


Design and Display External vision Honda cars manufacture amazing, built with great design among its rivals.


Interior design dashboard multi-dimensional is excellent; the audio controls are mounted in the process, an audio system with a connection to your iPod or iPhone, luxury seats and has safety equipment such as airbags.

Performance, engine and gearbox

Honda produces cars built in the I-VTEC engine, which consists of a wide gear ratio, gear lever, cursor controller, independent front suspension, ABS, EBD and most standard features of this vehicle.


Honda to produce cars more expensive compared to other vehicle segments. A Honda aim to humans appears to be a very good car with many different design and modernization. Here is some cost list of sedans which Honda has made.


Honda invented the latest edition of Honda City during 1997, loved by his clients and is known as a manufacturing miracle. The corporation is still in manufacture ability of 100.00 per vehicle per year.


Honda has a manufacturing place in Noida, Uttar Pradesh and one more scheduled to unwrap in Rajasthan, with a capability of 1000000 units / year


Honda is branded for its originality and brand name. The corporation did not go through the ways to encourage aggression, but the quest for superiority and brand representation to consumers. All cars innovated by the Honda group increased its sales in larger segments of the city. On the announcement of Honda always deem of expanding brand image for innovation new trend technology. Honda in addition considers TV commercials as a champion of the brand. Honda has little interest in promoting hybrid cars, product leakage. Honda is mainly to promote their goods in nearly all magazines and newspapers. (Marketing Mix 2010) These overall discussions give a broad view on the 4p model and techniques that are being implemented by Honda group. Another strategy used for marketing purposes PEST analysis of a new product. This study was used to evaluate the collision of external factors such as biased, financial, societal and technological. These factors might also work as threats to businesses. Rather than changes in exterior life also creates the opportunity and also with the majority of these factors. Most peripheral factors are precise to each country, and this study is used to perform a variety of interests. The subsequent are examples of various steps and methods to be taken into account in the PEST analysis.

Political Analysis

Political stability. Risk in armed measures. Legal enforce work. Property protection. Regulating trade. Trading with partners. Laws regarding anti-trust. Regulating prices. Tax rates incentive. Minimum and maximum salary. Weak work. Employee's benefits that is to be mandatory. Safety industrial regulations. Product requirement labeling. Economic Analysis Different patterns of economics operation . Government support for market intervention. Hosting country advantages. Stability of currency in hosting country. Financial marketing efficiency. Infrastructure quality. Enrollment of skilled force. Labor charges. Stages of business. Economic growth rate. Income discretionary. Unemployment rate. Tempo of inflation. Tempo of interest.

Social Analysis

Demographics representation group arrangement edification civilization capitalist strength Health, ecological awareness Leisure welfare

Technological Analysis

current developments in tools collision of equipment on merchandise contribution cost constitution collision value chain building force scientific dispersal rate Implementation of technique is considers the business to observe and prioritize the factors listed above in support of devices in the upcoming. Even though companies in perfectly with this study, several trends with the level of detail in economy. PEST investigation is an significant function in the determination and application of goods for industries such as Honda. (Net MBA, 2010) Take the basic steps for developing products in the market place after it is mandatory for all customers in the automotive industry. These procedures include inspection the accuracy of the most scientific and then introduce the product to consumers. The product rating procedures, value control and arrangement support mechanisms in detail. In each crate of product life cycle, in order to create disruption to our customers who have the company's customers to monitor the product cycle? Regardless of the method is that appropriate measures for proper presentation of the goods provided to consumers to follow. Honda seems to be a successful product must have basic customer hotline service stations in case of disability in the performance of their products. This will assist Honda stay in touch with their clients efficient. Honda to conduct their operations in a number of basic principles such as individual awards, we are proud of creating, buying and selling. This explains the principles of their faith and work situation of individuals. Honda has accounted for the largest car manufacturers in the world's leading engine with 390 children and 102 firms for the equity method. Companies gain from many different segments of the productive segment of the organization as, business motorcycle automobile industry, energy and monetary services trade. Motorbike trade is very broad claims in the South Asian nations east of the engine are an important way of transport. In 2009, the annual demand for motorbikes was roughly 6% over the earlier year were more or less close to 40.2m units required by the customers. In October 2009, Honda started a new manufacture facility in Thailand, which took place in the 125cc class of scooters designed by the principal components. Honda sales in the Southeast Asia market, the demand by 1.4% from 4.628m units last year. This expansion is being driven by pioneering new methods and strategies in India and other nations and increase sales. Revenue from this segment, the graph below, In the table above represent the total income comes from a Honda motorcycle business in 2006-2010. The table shows that in recent years, sales have gone down. Honda has achieved the highest sales in 2008 with over all yearly turnovers of 1.6b yen. Approximately 13.3% of entire turnover is achieved by a commercial motorbike. Honda vehicle Business principal movement, as common recipes based on this work and report on cases in the car will be shown below, The main starting place of the automaker is four-wheel vehicles. Honda achieved about half the profits in this part of the business core business sector. Honda return of about 76.4% worldwide in 2009 and achieved a turnover of 950b yen in market of Asia. Auto will provide the bulk of its income people throughout the world. The loss in the segment is to change the location of the organization. 2008 is well known that the biggest gainer years with sales of 8.5 trillion yen for a walk on a Honda. A Honda car sale in the segment is 3392 units, a decrease of 3.6% over the previous year. In 2010, total units in Southeast Asia in the phase of 19.8% over the previous year to 950 000 units. This growth is being driven by strong revenue growth in Thailand, Indonesia and India. The income is applied by the company in different regions of the world below, In addition to the Honda Motor are also power generation and other commercial activities. Revenue from high up in segments south-east Asia. Structure of income in the squad is shown below. Revenues from this section, Honda is concerning 3.2% of yearly return. Honda has vanished approximately 15% of returns in 2009 compare by last two years. Then Honda power product sales revenue of around the 4.744 million of units in each. Asian courtiers of the sale will be recognized in 10.2% of the 1.069 million sales of generators have been low due to economic downturn. Vending machines and water pumps are also measured to be effect the lower segments of unit sales. Expand its product sales, support services and lending and financing to Honda customers of other customers. Revenue from services for customers of financial matters, up from 606.3 billion yen at 24p. Honda estimates the rate of about 71B yen in the previous year. Business strategies that Honda finally aired in the activities of financial companies, such as assuring finance facility to customers on their interest. The proportion of income to annual returns is approximately 7.1% of entire turnover in the squad is growing each year and maintain profits only 200,600b in 2010. Honda always achieves global enlargement of originality and modernization of new goods plus services for its consumers and exceeding their prospect. (Annual Report, 2010)


Research conducted on aspects of marketing and strategy recommendations Honda Corporation to help some of the debate over it. One important task in this sector, based on the car provides a high level of economic and production of vehicles for customers. The company's customers have to synchronize with suppliers of unprocessed materials and machinery for efficient use of resources. Honda Corporation must be able to produce and enlarge equipment principles and use less synthetic in the manufacture of vehicle. The group must forever struggle to enlarge new technologies that decrease invests ability. Systems development in different plans and eliminate barriers in cars. Maker should always choose the materials used for efficient recycling of their own goals, such as protection and petroleum consumption. This study contributes to the administration of the automotive industry to be aware of the need for development of inferior raw resources can be recycled metals, and universal rubber parts. This work will help to observe and spot barriers to communal objectives through the organization industry. Honda must able to get rid of subsidies and guarantees in support of the provision of motor vehicles used on behalf of recycling of other people. This study would be constructive to understand further the promotion structure discoveries, which are being implemented in most industries in the automotive industry and also to pioneer new market trend.
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