Analysis of the Play “Trifles” by Susan Glaspell

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Also, caging of the bird in the house, demonstrates another instance of men dominance in the society over the women. Symbolically, the living of bird in the cage, demonstrates the kind of life Minnie was living, a life of minimal no freedom (Rudnick 388). She was not allowed to freely move out of the house. Murdering of her husband was the only way she had to the freedom. This illustration describes the level of confinement of the women in society and the level of misuse up to the extent of not being allowed to mix with others. The approach of seeking the evidence that would lead to the identification of the suspect by both genders was quite different from that of women emerging more effective and successful. This act as evidence that women have the capability of realizing little thing while men do not afford any attention to these minor but important issues (Mustazza 489).

The bonding of women evidenced in the play had resulted from the fact that they shared the same background of oppression, dissatisfaction, and frustrations, resulting from the gender patriarchal. This made them to live in sympathy of each other. Hiding of glue by the women was a form of bonding with a motive of challenging the judiciary system that was dominated by men. They were so united that they were making every possible effort to protect Mannie from being identified as the suspect to the murder of her husband, John. The killing of the bird by Mr, John signified that he was not pleased by her wife's behavior of singing just as the caged bird was doing (Bennett 241).

This portrays the level of men dominance in society to the extent that women are not allowed to exercise their freedom and passion. Killing of bird that was the only company Minnie had symbolizes the willingness of the men to dominate the women in the society. Mrs. John was also not allowed to socialize with the outsiders, for instance, there existed no telephone in their house despite being trapped there for long.

From the narration, Minnie was previously well known as a good singer in the church choir specifically before her marriage. However, after her marriage, there was a drastic change. Her love for singing keeps her companied to the bird as her closest friend now that she had no kid (Rudnick 389). The dominance of her husband changed her personality making her to live a life full of limits. Contrary to viewing the home as an arena of comfort, most of the women view their homes as a ground full of oppression and abuses. Reflecting the living of Minnie, her home was just a ground of torture and psychological abuse, where all she lived with is fear that took a better part of her. Minnie's house was dominated by silence. The extent of silence is symbolically demonstrated by the nonexistence of telephone in Minnie's house and the violet murder of the bird, the closest company she had, by her husband (Mustazza 489). This is clear evidence that there exists a higher possibility that Minnie was being violated by her husband leading to her isolation from the church choir and the fellow women. The violated individuals tend to isolate themselves from others in fear of being asked what they go through. The life of Minnie is clear evidence that not all women are content with their marriage life, but instead opt to hide their problems from their friends and extended relatives (Carpentier 111). Women do this in their attempt to prevent their marriages from breaking.

The spatial division was the main cause of the creation of pressure between the women (Bennett 260). Joining of hands signifies the effort of women is making in protecting their grievances in modern society with a goal of minimizing the male dominance on them. Hiding of the important evidence from the males is clear evidence that women are making efforts in fighting the existence of the patriarchal situations of the gender. In protection of their affairs and their standing in the society, Wallace refused to consider taking the alibi because she believed by so doing she would ruin the honor of women in modern society (Rudnick 389). In sacrificing for their honor, the women further provide an excuse for the decision made by Gordon Wallace.

In the context of this play, the individual women of honor are meant to dehumanize fellow women. The men in the play are using their names about themselves while on the other hand, the women have been forced to use the names of their husbands as their reference (Makowsky and Veronica 23). This openly demonstrates the magnitude of dominance by men in society. This signifies the superiority of the men's name over those of their wives. The names that have been used to reference the six women in the play such as the silly one, the mother of one, the mercenary one is an example of a kind where the women are humiliated. These names signified the extent of the women expression in the set society. Low status and demeaning level of women has also been successfully demonstrated in this societal setting. However, the women are making efforts in trying to overcome these prejudices. The expression of the character in saving Wallace from prosecution is an example of saving women reputation in the society. The women are also attempting to fight the existence of the patriarchal relations.

In conclusion, from the observation of various happenings and the unfolding of the play, the writer has demonstrated the increase of dominance in the society. This reflects modern society. Here, the man expresses the patriarchal relations and regard themselves to be more senior than the women. Example of such instances is when the males arrived at John's home as investigators while the women arrived as mere witnesses and their opinions about the solution in the investigation disregarded. The denial of freedom to the women also expresses the state of oppression that women experience at their homes. For instance, the Minnie had been trapped in her house by her husband. This violates her freedom of movement and association with others. The killing of the company she had, a bird, in also open evidence of the violation of women rights in the society. However, at various instances of the play, there is a description of the attempts the women are making in the protection of their affairs. Women unity and stand for another in a potential threat resulting from the dominance of the males. Hiding of the glue that could have acted as evidence shows the level of support among the women. Support for Wallace in the court also signifies women's support and unity towards their counterparts. Besides, the women successfully give evidence and other forms of assistance leading to the identification of the suspect in the murdering of John more effectively than men could manage.

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