Analysis of the Last of the Mohicans

In the late 1750s, three European trappers look after two daughters, Cora and Alice Munro, of a British Lieutenant Colonel Munro during the time of the French and Indian War. The last two members of a dying Native American tribe, the Mohicans, these two individuals, Uncas, his father Chingachgook, and additionally their adopted half-white brother, Hawkeye. They lead a the daughters and their bodyguard to see their father, but are mislead by Chief Magua of the a Huron tribe. Then Hawkeye accuses Magua of betraying the group by leading them the wrong way. The Mohicans attempt to capture the traitor, but he escapes.

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“Analysis of the Last of the Mohicans”

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Hawkeye and his friends continue to lead the group to safety, but allies of the Huron attack them the next morning. The group escapes down the river, but the Hurons manage to kidnap the sisters, Alice and Cora, and their bodyguards. Heyward attempts to convert Magua to the white ways, he reveals that he seeks vengeance against the Colonel Munro for demeaning him and tries to make a deal saying that he’ll free Alice, only if Cora will marry him. However Cora had already developed romantic feelings for Uncas and refuses to be with Magua. Then Hawkeye and the Mohicans come to rescue the group and killing every Huron, Magua escapes. After a challenging journey that has been disturbed by Indian attacks, the group finally reaches Fort William Henry.

The Europeans declare truce, which is when Munro learns that he isn’t going receive reinforcements which makes him surrender. He exposes that Cora’s mother was part african which explains her physical features to Heyward. Munro then implies that Heyward is racist because he prefers to marry a blonde, Alice, over Cora, but Heyward denies this. During the withdrawal of the English troops from Fort William Henry, the Native American allies of the French allow themselves to prey upon the retreating soldiers. In the midst of the battle, Magua manages to kidnap Cora, Alice, and Gamut and runs away into the forest.

Heyward, Hawkeye, Munro, and the Mohicans came upon Magua’s trail and begin to try and catch the villain. Gamut reappears and explains that Magua has divided his prisoners, imprisoning Alice to a Huron camp and sending Cora to a Delaware camp. Using a variety of disguises, the group manages to rescue Alice, this is when Heyward confesses his interest in her. At the Delaware village, Magua lies and says that Heyward and the crew are their racist enemies. Uncas reveals his high-ranking heritage to the Delaware and demands they release of all his friends. Magua and his Hurons suffer a painful conquer, but a Huron kills Cora. Uncas attacks the Huron who killed Cora, but Magua stabs Uncas in the back. Magua tries to leap across a big ditch, but he falls short and holds onto a plant. Hawkeye shoots him, and Magua finally dies. Cora and Uncas are buried the next day, Chingachgook mourns the loss of his son, while Tamenund sadly expresses that he has lived to see the last warrior of the noble race of the Mohican tribe.

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