Adventure of Huckleberry Finn

The novel Adventure of Huckleberry Finn written by Mark Twain in the year 1884. The author of the book Mark Twain was born in the Samuel Langerhorne Clemens in Florida in the year 1835. When his family moved to the Hannibal town near the Mississippi River his writing career began there and then. He is well known for writing his stories in an excellent way capturing different feelings in his books. He became found of using imaginary characters in his novels like he had used a character by the name Tom sawyer in his other book and made many readers fall in love with the character almost instantly but he choose to change his protagonist to Huck Finn in the other book as he saw Sawyer’s romantic personality wouldn’t auger well with his new book. It is Huck’s hardheaded approach to things surrounding him and his inner struggles that make him a favorite amongst the readers. The setting of this magnificent story is in a community where slavery is legal and almost everyone is a drunkard and you should mind your own business the civil war is introduced later. Therefore this community can be labeled as a man eats man community. Therefore this book harbors a lot of themes as we are going to explore below.

Chapter 14 is not an exception too; this chapter is on Jim and Huck going through some spoils they had acquired from the gang the Walter Scott. They were excited of their new found treasure and source of pride though Jim fears that they might be caught and be drowned and he manages to convince Huck as he always do. They were given some blankets, cigars and clothes and their quest to know more they find some books and Huck reads them aloud for Jim on the romantic figures like dukes and kings. They then start discussing about the royalty of King Solomon and they debate and they refuse to reach an agreement on his wisdom.

This chapter defines Jim’s role as more practical and mature person unlike Huck who is well educated and can read. Jim manages to sell his ideas to Huck regardless of how long they are. He makes Huck buy his idea that the gifts they receive from Walter Scott are potentially harmful when they are not. Jim is very vulgar to Huck which means that Huck is not yet acceptable to Jim as an intellect since he would be honoring him and regarding him highly as the intellects are regarded. In the discussion of King Solomon, Jim’s single minded approach cannot convince Huck and he once again stands as the intellect he ought to be though the readers can deduce that it is Huck who is wrong in the whole argument and not Jim. This though challenges Huck in reconsidering what he is doing all along. They however make good friends with Jim and can be seen arguing more and Jim challenging Huck.

Therefore Twain’s satirical theme is addressed here by the protagonist who brings across who the people who are educated are challenged by the uneducated in the society. This is because one can be very educated in academics but very incompatible with some easy life hacks. Therefore satire is the predominant theme in the book Adventure of Huckleberry Finn.

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