About Intersectionality 

Define the term.

Intersectionality is a hypothetical system for understanding how perspectives of a person’s social and political characters might blend to form special modes of separation. Intersectionality distinguishes shameful acts that are felt by individuals due to a combination of variables.

Who coined it?

Kimberl© Crenshaw coined the term ‘intersectionality’ as a way to help clarify the abuse of African-American women have faced in 1989.

Why is it necessary?

Intersectionality is considered to be vital since Intersectionality has been critiqued as being inalienably vague. The uncertainty of this theory implies that it can be seen as unorganized and missing a clear set of characterizing objectives. This apparently implies that intersectionality will be impossible to attain balance due to its unfocused motivation. Without a clear center, it is difficult for a development to form some sort of change since having such a wide theory makes it harder for individuals to completely get it its objectives. Because it is based in angle theory, critics say the center on subjective encounters can lead to inconsistencies and the failure to recognize common causes of persecution.


I’ve read The making of a slut. The complex, collective way in which the impacts of multiple shapes of discrimination such as racism a common feature we deal with today, sexism, and class statures combine, cover, or meet particularly within the encounters of criticized people or crowds. We consider the nature of people being compelled to distance what they don’t get it. In “The Making of a Slut”, Dinah was continually made to bee looked upon as the“bad girl” due to her opposing the socially acceptable way young teenage girls acted. The girls had to comply to society’s measures of young women wearing what was considered ‘appropriate clothing’ and only hanging out with other girls not boys. Dinah chose to wear not so lady ,such as wearing revealing clothing, and showing herself off too much, as well as having generally male companions resisting the social standard. Dinah was distanced and immediately labeled a “slut” and who show more things girls weren’t really supposed to show. But, deep down Dinah was like several typical individual. She had a goal and it was to be a dancer and she had the eyes set to pursue that desired of becoming a dancer. However, individuals never saw that side of her due to their given name of her. In spite of this label be that as it may, Dinah still attempted to be whom she accepted she was. Not as a slut but just being herself a girl. 

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