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Drugs, illegal activities, human trafficking, hitman a place where the "Public information on the deep Web is currently 400 to 550 times larger than the commonly defined World Wide Web." A place where This is only a portion of what occurs in the dark web; commonly mistaken with the Deep web. The dark web is no place to be messing around especially if you cannot navigate through the web and it's browsers. The dark web can change the way you think and act in and on the online world. Today I will be explaining the dark web to the outer society to inform my peers around me. The information I will give will consist of what the dark web is, facts about the dark web, and certain websites on the dark web.

Transition to 1st main point: First, let's talk about What the dark web really is.


Point #1: The dark web; commonly confused with the deep web but they are not the same

The dark web is a part of the worldwide web browser that requires some "special software" to access.

The dark web has Special markets also operate within the dark web called "darknet markets", which mainly sell illegal products like drugs and firearms, paid for in the cryptocurrency Bitcoin.

Some of the deep web apps include Netflix, Gmail, Facebook, Bank of America, and much much more.

This furthermore showing how much of our web we don't know about and how that can impact us and others because the average human could not tell the difference between them.

Transition to 2nd main point: Now that we've talked about What the dark web really is now we're going to talk about Facts about the dark web

Point #2: These are some of the major things that happen on the black market.

Drug sales on the dark net were estimated to be between US$150 and $180 million a year in 2015.

Weapons that are illegal can be bought on the dark web.

It's possible to hire people to commit fraud, murder, or virtually any other crime imaginable to a human on the darknet.

Thrives off bitcoin

A haven for Sex Offenders.

Can buy false documents

This only being a portion of what really is on our internet to think we don't know who runs the dark web and what's happening around us in the web

Most importantly the dark web is run by be U.S as the "Onion Router", is sponsored by the US Department of State Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights, and Labor.

Transition to 3rd main point: Now that we've discussed What the dark web really is and Facts about the dark web, let's discuss Certain websites in the dark web(Replace "Points #1, 2, and 3" with what your three points are – repetition is a good thing!!)

Point #3: Now lets talk about certain websites on the black web. In other words the "bigger ones".

Cruel Onion Wiki. Supposedly on it are scantily clad women crushing small animals under their feet.

Hurt To The Core which is a (Pedophillia) site in

Silk Road - biggest browser similar to google but in which is used to buy/ sell items like drugs, weapons, etc.

Alpha Bay (considerd the new silk road after th sil road was shut down.

Besa Mafia where you can hire hackers and or a "killer"

Red rooms where they murdur individuals 1 by 1 on a livestream for no fee, with chat enabled

Give us some information about your third main point in multiple bullet points. You must include at least one source unique to this main point and cite in parenthesis with author last name and year (Ray, 2014).

These or only some of the things that are happening around that we never even knew existed, this is life changing knowing whats going o n in the world around us.

Therefore even though this is only some of the millions of sites these are on par to be some the biggest most impactful sites as gossiped about by many expierienced dark web searchers like Eileen Ormbsy who allegidly was being blackmailed by the Besa Mafia to take down his articles.


In concluison this is only the surface of the dark web.

I only showed some of the The information of what the dark web is,some facts about the dark web, and certain websites on the dark web that have blown up.

Next time your walking around think about whats happening around you where you cannot see, but others can.


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