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According to Abnormal Psychology ( 7th edition), PTSD is termed as an anxiety disorder in which fear and associated symptoms continue to be experienced long after the traumatic situation thus the term post-traumatic.' The book explains explicitly a vivid horror of what PTSD might be too for the old veterans. Two-thirds of the veterans interviewed describe the atrocities of war such as witnessing their colleagues wounded or dying during battlefield moments.

These flashbacks and memories create a feeling of self-blame and guilt which torments them for the better part of their lives. However, it is evident that women are more prone to PTSD symptoms compared to men (Corner, 2010).
Nonetheless, they can come forward and seek guidance, unlike men who are afraid to admit they are in need of support as it could be a sign of weakness. When people who have PTSD takes a long period before seeking counseling guidance, they are at more risk of experiencing chronic symptoms that are difficult to treat since the fear, anxiety, and guilt continues to build rapidly into them. However, there is a treatment of PTSD; diagnosis must be given. Debriefing is one of the most sorts out treatment strategy used to treat PTSD. It is a preventative strategy. The main aim of debriefing is counseling people (Corner, 2010).

What groups of people does PTSD affect?

Anybody can develop PTSD at any age. This incorporates war veterans and also overcomers of physical and rape, misuse, vehicle mishaps, calamities, dread assaults, or different genuine occasions. Not every person with PTSD has experienced a hazardous occasion. A few encounters, similar to the sudden or unforeseen passing of a cherished one, can likewise cause PTSD. As per the National Center for PTSD, around seven or eight of each 100 individuals will encounter PTSD sooner or later in their lives. Ladies are bound to develop PTSD than men. A few injuries may put a person at a higher hazard, and natural factors like qualities may make a few people bound to create PTSD than others.

What are the side effects of PTSD?

Indications more often than not start inside three months of the horrendous occurrence. However some of the time they start later. For indications to be viewed as PTSD, they should last more than a month and be sufficiently serious to meddle with working seeing someone or work. The course of the ailment fluctuates from individual to individual. A few people recoup inside a half year, while others have side effects that last any longer. In a few people, the condition winds up constant (progressing). A specialist who has experience in helping individuals with psychological sicknesses, for example, a specialist or analyst, can analyze PTSD.

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