A Comparison of Billy Sunday and Al Capone

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Are you going to allow others to influence you in a negative way or a positive way? Billy Sunday was an American who took on the role of a professional baseball player, later denied a contract to become a Christian, and gradually turned to evangelism because he thought God was more important. Al Capone was an Italian who was a famous American gangster. But these two gentlemen had many similarities that related to each other's lives. Billy Sunday and Al Capone were both millionaires as well as influential people in their own ways. Differences significantly provided one with information about who and how they developed by supporting speakeasies, bootlegging, gambling, and prostitution. On the other hand, Mr. Sunday maintained a humble lifestyle and thought alcohol was evil. Lastly, Billy, Sunday grew up in a difficult life, and Al Capone had a better life than Sunday did.

Mr. Capone and Mr. Sunday were both millionaires. Capone made his money from bootlegging, illegal bars, and whorehouses. Al made $160 million annually. He was a powerful and evil businessman; if anyone got in his way, he killed them. He went to prison for not paying his taxes. His illegal business is known as organized crime. Billy Sunday was a man who wasn't afraid of giving up his money to help others. He always gave his money to charities and the needy. Billy played on a professional baseball team and later preached Christianity and converted to evangelism. Sunday made his money by telling others about his faith.

Capone was first influenced by a guy named Johnny Torrio and Lucky Luciano. They both influenced Capone to become a full-time gangster. He took part in several murders, speakeasies, and whorehouses. Once his father died in his late teens or early twenties, he seemed to develop in these gangs. Many people admired him because of his accomplishments as a businessman, but the crimes and events he participated in, which the public pursued, were unsuitable for admiration. Mr. Sunday took on the role of a religious preacher who influences individuals about evangelism and evangelizes around 100 million people. He was mentored or guided by a smart, educated guy named J. Wilbur Chapman. He took pride in his preaching and received superior status from millions of people. Billy told about his faith and the dangers of alcohol. His wife played a huge role in influencing Sunday too.

As Al Capone rose to his horrific fame, he also had circumstances that led to this vicious individual. In his early years (especially his sixth-grade year), he beat up his teacher, which led to him getting beat up by the school principal too. In an illegal bar, he took inappropriate actions toward a woman and got a razor to the cheek. The nickname for Capone is "Scarface." He also never completed high school, which limited his opportunities in life. Sunday maintained a humble lifestyle with his philosophy on alcohol as an evil thing to do. Being a professional baseball player and having popularity greatly prepares this guy for the preachings of his faith.

Finally, Billy Sunday started out with a tough life, growing up without a father as well as his mother placing him in an orphanage. He is an individual who never finished high school but did have athleticism in baseball for an opportunity. Billy did grow up to help and care for others, mentored by his wife to guide his moderately successful life. Al Capone immigrated to the U.S. from Italy into a caring household, family, and community. Al lived the American Dream of obtaining wealth and knowing that America is "a land of opportunity." He found it hard to succeed in school because of the bias society has against immigrants coming to the United States. Capone was also an individual who never graduated from high school. With no other skills, he began to engage in criminal activity.

I feel that Sunday chose his path of superiority because he had a wife that mentored him positively throughout his life by receiving care. His well-educated mentor, J. Wilbur Chapman, helped him develop a moral character by influencing him with his evangelism. The religion also helped Sunday with his moral values, giving to charities, and helping the needy. With his athleticism and his public speaking opportunity, he had more of an advantage in society than most of his peers. Al Capone knew that he didn't have much of an opportunity in life after not graduating from high school. It closes a lot of doors and frustrates humans significantly. That's why Al Capone engaged in that criminal and immoral behavior. One important lesson to know is not to let any individual influence or lead you in a negative way because it can ruin a human in seconds! Follow those who are well-educated and those who provide a leadership role that can influence one in a positive way! You have a choice; make it wisely!

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