10 Years after Graduation

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A memorable event in my life was when I graduated from the National University 10 years ago. That university is located in San Miguel a city in El Salvador. It is a Public University in my country, and it is the largest in San Miguel. There are four more universities nationwide.

I graduated with a bachelor´s degree in Legal Sciences. Now, I am a lawyer from my country. I remember my graduation, it was in a theater in San Salvador. My family was present in that important day in my life. My husband traveled from United States to El Salvador one day before to my graduation, and we went for him to the airport. I felt so happy with his presence in that important event of my life. I graduated in December. That season of the year is perfect because the climate of my country is hot, but in December it is cool. I graduated in the morning because I lived far from the capital of my country approximately five hours driving by car.

The day of my graduation I did different activities. For instance, I woke up at two in the morning. I brushed my teeth, and later I went to a beauty salon because the owner is my friend and he did makeup me. I made an appoiment a week before my event. When I returned to my house I put on a beautiful black drees that my mother bought me with a lot of love. Later, my family and I went to San Salvador. In my graduation I received my title with honor because it was product from my sacrifice and effort. After that the act ended I took pictures with my former classmates, and later my family and I went to a restaurant to celebrate my graduation. We went to El Zocalo Restaurant. The food was delicious. The restaurant was very clean, modern and elegant.

Now I lived in United States and I am an English second language student. I want to revalidate my title in this country. I know that it is not easy to do because immigrants have many obstacles, one of this is language. In this country speak and write English it is important for a better job or for study, but there are more opportunities to who want to be successful. If we have dreams, we can fulfill these. A memorable event in my life was when I received my title because it was my first life goal, and I hope to fulfill many more because I want to be a successful person.  

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