Why Did Civil War Begin?

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In 1861 the Civil War commenced, but why? Yes you may know some little tidbits but do you know the real reasons? Well yes slavery caused it, but why did the north not like it? You may think its pretty self explanatory, but why did the south like it and the north was so strongly against it and how did they have such different opinions on it? What caused those opinions? What else caused it or was it just slavery? This was such a big issue because people were not being treated like living beings they were being treated like objects. They were taken away from their family, beaten and forced to work all day and all night. This caused slaves to revolt against the South..

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Well in the north people began to oppose slavery for many reasons. Some Northerners wanted to end slavery because they felt that it was an unfair advantage to the south. Well yes it may give them some advantages to the south like they would get things done faster but that still didnt erase the fact that they were being so morbid to these people. That is how some Northerners felt that it wasnt moral. In the article Why did northerners want to end slavery in the first place? Donald Mcarthur states Some saw the 3/5 compromise of the Constitution – counting 3/5 of a states slave population in determining its representation in Congress and its weight in the Electoral College – as giving southern states undue influence in the Federal government and the presidency basically saying that slavery was unfair and unjust.

Reason two that slavery was such a big problem is because so many northerners felt that it was unfair to them because the south had so much more money, they got more work done and they did it faster so they were able to get more money because they were able to sell more in a quicker amount of time. As much as the northerners wanted to change this they couldnt. In the article How Slavery Became the Economy Engine of the South by Greg Timmons, he says If the Confederacy had been a separate nation, it would have ranked as the fourth richest in the world at the start of the Civil War. Meaning that this was the Souths economy as much as they wanted to get rid of slaves, the South would never agree to it. Thats why they had to start the Civil War.

Reason three is that was unfair to slaves. That was an odd statement right? Of course its unfair. People shouldnt judge other people on their skin color. Thats one reason the slaves hated it. They hated slavery because obviously it was unfair, they would get beaten, they barely got any food, and they didnt get paid. In the article Why is Slavery Wrong? Bob Krumm states Slavery is wrong because it is based on violence. He says this because truly it is. If one of the slaves didnt do something properly or quick enough they would be beaten or sometimes even killed. Bob Krumm also states In such cases as these, racism is not a motive for slavery. But still, would it not be wrong to enslave your neighbor, or even your son? Of course it would. So, if slavery is wrong even when racism is not its cause, then there must still be something about slavery that is itself inherently wrong. Saying that we shouldnt treat slaves like this just because of the way that they look.

In conclusion, the Civil War began because of how many problems slavery caused. The North thought the South had an unfair advantage, the South was making more money, and the slaves wanted to revolt because they didnt like the way they were treated. Although the Civil War caused lots of tragedies, hopefully we can learn from it.

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