Who here has a Pet?

Let me start off by asking, who here has a pet? May it be a dog, or a cat, a bird or a mouse, maybe? Would you guys agree with me if I say that pets are like humans? They may not have that rational thinking but they do feel emotions like humans, right? Now, who here uses makeup, or skincare, or body care, even hair care, or just any beauty product? Well I do, I think everybody does. I am here to tell you a little something behind some of the products you are using. Animal Testing, or animal experiments, or animals used as test subjects to ensure the safety of a product, or forcing an animal to undergo experiments that would most likely cause them pain and suffering.

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Animal testing is animal cruelty.

Imagine this, you are brutally used and abused, not given a chance to decide for your wellbeing, and couldn’t say a word on that they have caused you. All you’ve got is extreme pain and suffering, and only hope that somebody, brave enough, could speak up for you. That is how experimental animals feel inside those testing laboratories. Has everybody taken their bath this morning?

Has it ever crossed your mind that a lot of animals have been injured and suffering, ingredients being dropped into their eyes, just so that very shampoo you are using this morning could be safe for your scalp and skin and won’t make you blind? When applying makeup, did you realize how painful it must be for the animals to have their shaved skin be applied with a cosmetic ingredient or be forced to eat or inhale this ingredient just to ensure that the makeup will be safe for your face?

At this very moment, millions of animals are used as experiments with approximately 200,000 them used for cosmetic testing which are rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, and rats. Suffering in pain and loneliness inside their cages, waiting in fear for their next painful and terrorizing procedure that will be inflicted on them. Most procedures will likely cause them to die, and if not, they will undergo another experiment.

Isn’t this inhumane? Some people would agree with me that this is cruel, and some would oppose. Some would say that animal and humans are similar especially with body organs that perform the same way and thus, animals are effective models. But keep in mind that the human body is completely complex that no animal or living creatures have the same genes like the human does. It has said that billions of dollars are spent annually for animal testing where in fact almost only 40 to 60% of these experiments that was successful on animals, have a different reaction to humans.

As a pet owner myself, I couldn’t bear to imagine my pet suffering. What did animals ever do to us that they receive such pain? I dare you to do your part. Start supporting cruelty-free brands. You can go online and find tons of companies that are not testing on animals or you could just simply find the cruelty-free logo on the product. Educate others. Influence your family, friends, and together, let’s end animal testing. Together, let’s speak up for those who can’t speak up for themselves.

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