What are the Causes of Poverty?

There are a few major items that may cause people to be unhealthy and not economically self-sufficient, and could ultimately lead to eviction. Initially various studies have shown that substance abuse, mental health, dramatic changes in the family structure, and possible situational factors are factors that cause people to be unhealthy and not economically self-sufficient. I do believe that these factors play a part in the contribution of the demise, but the major cause is no job or lower paying jobs with no benefits. To sum it up, I would say the working poor. The working poor are the individuals that fall below the poverty line. Due to their economic situation, they are probably renting and living pay check to pay check. Any given factor could cause them to lose their job, which eventually means being evicted from their rental.

Based on studies done by the United States Department of Labor, despite strong labor markets with a record low unemployment rated, millions of Americans remain poor. The working poor are the fastest growing segment of the poverty population. The working poor are the individuals that hold the lowest paying jobs and the most unstable jobs. They rarely work for a full year. They usually lack higher education. Many have health constraints and don’t have health insurance, or have less access to health care. The working poor are usually women, non-citizens, blacks and Hispanics, people in single parent families, people with mental health issues or substance abuse issues or individuals that have been incarcerated.

Individuals that struggle with substance abuse and mental health factors often haven similar symptoms and issues wither caused by psychotic substances or mental health disorders. The effects of these disorders and substance abuse can cause impaired judgment, lack of reliability, irresponsibility, anxiety and the overall struggle to maintain a healthy stable lifestyle. Which, eventually means possible loss of job or lack of ability to obtain a job based on their current unstable psyche due to substance abuse or mental health disorders.

Situational factors or a change in the family dynamics, such as divorce could also play a role in the cause of an economic pendulum swing in the opposite direction of stability. Switching from a two family income to a single family income can lead to lack of insufficient funds to support a family.

Ultimately the domino effect of substance abuse, mental health, change in family structure and situational factors could all play a role in contributing to creating an economic strain on a family or an individual and eventually lead to loss of employment and then to eviction. The working poor are a large portion of our society that encounter several situations as mentioned previously that could alter their economic stability and eventually lead to eviction.

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