Two Teachers i’ve had

Two Teachers I’ve had I have met nearly a hundred teachers from kindergarten to college. The role of teacher affects me not less than my parents. They open the window of knowledge and touch my heart with wisdom. The altitude, the knowledge and the love of teachers make me a good person. Unfortunately a few teachers treated me badly in the classroom. There are two teachers from sixth grade who I can not forget in my life because they are totally different in attitude, teaching method and classroom management.

The first obvious difference between my six grade’s mathematics and history teachers is attitude. My math teacher favored some rich students who gave her presents. They were also treated as VIP students in the classroom even though they poorly did in exams. She also had a short temper and often shouted at us when she was in a bad mood. In addition, she was very religious to school rules and regulations. We could not accidentally break any rule. Sometimes she added additional inconsiderable rules such as standing for an hour outside of the class for missing homework.

However the rich students were escaped from her punishments. One of rich students did not do homework but he was just warmed but was not punished. On the contrary, my history teacher treated us fairly and was friendly. She followed school rules and regulations and understood and helped students depending on the situation. She was such a flexible teacher. The second difference between my sixth grade teachers is teaching method. The math teacher used the teacher-centered teaching method. She put in her favorite lessons and did not ask what we wanted to know as study.

She never explained any lesson again and told students who requested to explain “lazy students”. There were few activities in the classroom. Therefore the class was boring and full of lectures. On the other hand, the history teacher used the student-centered teaching method. Therefore there were topics that we wanted to know in the curriculum. On the first week, she asked us what we wanted to study related to the content. She was too patient to explain a lesson repeatedly until we all understood it. There were lots of fun and activities in the class.

We were so happy to study with her. The last difference between them is classroom management. In my high school, students had to go to different classrooms for different subjects. The math classroom arrangement was not very good. Tables and chairs were out of line and other furniture was not very clean. If we argued about a topic, she could not stop the argumentation as it took long. Sometimes I felt I was wasting my time in her class. She usually started the class by talking nonsense such as her personal things and other teachers.

On the contrary, the history classroom arrangement was tidy and colorful. She taught us how to argue and discuss well. She usually started the class by reviewing the previous lesson. As a fact, we could connect the previous and the following lessons. In conclusion, these two teachers influenced me much due to their very obvious differences. I felt I was a victim in my mathematics classroom while I was so happy in my history classroom. However I am grateful to them because I became an educated person due to them. I would be nobody without them.

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