The Storyteller Notices Clifton

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Before long, the storyteller notices Clifton in the city offering Sambo dolls. Clifton has left the gathering. White police officers question Clifton, who does not have permission to offer things in the city, and amid a fight, the police shoot and slaughter Clifton. The storyteller lauds Clifton, painting him as a legend, his words move open assumption toward Clifton. Be that as it may, the storyteller has arranged the memorial service without the Brotherhood’s authorization, making Brother Jack exceptionally irate.

Ras’ men seek after him, so he utilizes shades and a cap as a camouflage. The storyteller at last touches base at Brother Hambro’s place and comes to the realization that the Brotherhood is starting to limit Harlem. Brother Hambro says that the gathering could really compare to any single individual’s needs. The storyteller chooses to play alongside the desire for undermining the Brotherhood from inside.

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Mobs have broken out in Harlem, and the Brotherhood means to utilize these for their own finishes. The narrator falls in with a gathering of raiders who torch an apartment building. Meandering without end, he experiences Ras, who is currently riding a steed, furnished with a lance, and calling himself “The Destroyer.” Ras approaches the crowd to lynch the storyteller. The storyteller escapes and falls into a sewer vent. Two white policemen discover him; expecting him to be in control of plundered property, they seal him in.

The epic closures with the storyteller saying he’s been underground from that point forward, thinking about how he can remain consistent with his uniqueness while as yet keeping up his connections to the gathering. He’s recounted his story to assist other individuals with their very own imperceptibility. The significant subject of the novel is the connection among race and individual personality, particularly how prejudice can affect a person’s feeling of self. The storyteller must choose various occasions between his needs and needs and the requirements of the Brotherhood. This is muddled by the way that racial bias makes individuals see him just as they need to see him, in the event that they see him by any means. Blindness is a common theme all through the novel. Various characters can’t see, blindfolded, or blinded over the span of the book.

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