The Jilting of Granny Weatherall

Journal: The Jilting of Granny Weatherall The one feeling that comes to me while reading this is frustration. I can feel the frustration Granny Weatherall feels as she is constantly treated like a helpless woman. It may be for her best interests but I can only imagine sitting there wanting to do something I am capable of yet not allowed to do it. Imagine being trapped in a small dark space and screaming to the top of your lungs yet no one hears. The narrator described the way Cornelia treats Granny Waetherall, “Cornelia thought she was deaf, dumb, and blind” to point out all the small remarks of disrespect Cornelia shows. Granny later states, “wait till your own grandchildren whisper behind your back”. Obviously states Granny Weatherall’s objection to being treated like an “old” and “dying” woman. Granny Weatherall with her old age does seem to be showing some signs of cognitive impairment. She’s extremely disoriented at times and easily forgets people, past meetings she’s had, and even the time of day when the doctor comes back to see her and she claims she saw him five minutes ago when actually, it was night time and the last time he came was that morning. With her cognitive impairment she also seems to have brief periods where she remembers when she was “jilted” or rejected or abandoned by her significant other. The “white veil” and “white cake” are reoccurring objects throughout the story depicting her pain and anger from the day her husband to be left her alone on the alter. She makes it obvious she still has ill feelings toward him. Her memory of him is described as “ a smoky cloud from hell that move and crept in her head”. Throughout the story Granny Weatherall seems very content with the dying. The narrator mentions that “she felt very old, finished, went around making trips to see children and grandchildren”. Basically accepting death whenever it would come. But it came when she was finishing up business with her will. She quotes, ‘So, my dear Lord, this is my death and I wasn’t even thinking about it”. It is kind of tricky sometimes how things happen, not when you want them to, but rather at times where you don’t expect it nor want them to.

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