The Importance of Sports in Training me to be the Person that i am Today

My life as an athlete has made me the person that I am. I play Hockey, Soccer, and Baseball. Out of all the sports I play, Hockey has probably affected me the most. This is because I care about it the most. I am on Strongsville Mustangs Squirt 2.

I was on the same team last year. My team consists of 15 people 13 boys and 2 girls. Sadly just recently our goalie moved so he had to leave the team so we do not have a goalie. My team is really great. We call ourselves a family. We never fight with each other and we treat each other as if we were biological brothers and sisters. We also never hate anyone for how they are or their personality. Our coach has a daughter on the team. He treats us like a father would. He looks after us and makes sure we are safe. For example at one of the games I played someone slammed their stick on my skate and my coach defended me and told the referee because the referee did not see it. He really understands us because he has a son and a daughter.

However, even though he is nice to us he always makes us work our hardest at practices and games. If we don’t listen our coach makes us skate around the whole ice. Our coach is the heart of the team, without him we can’t keep going. Our assistant coaches are also very nice. They work us hard just as much as my coach does. However only 1 of the 2 has a child on the team but the one that does not have a child like we are his children. Our assistant coaches each are like a lung, we need them for survival and without one life would be much harder. Our manager is really smart. He decides what division to be in, what tournaments to go to, and what teams to play. His job is hard work! I couldn’t even do that. He decided to go to Chicago, Pittsburgh, and Parma.

Everyone liked the decision. He is the brain of the team, he is smart and knows the right decision. My parents also help me in hockey. They tell me what I do right and do wrong. When my dad comes to my game he records my game with a camera and points out what I do right and what I do wrong and how I can improve it. Hockey made me a much more responsible person and made me be a better sport. It also keeps me physically and mentally active. From hockey I have learned the importance of treating other well. It has also taught me that you need a team effort for success because with more people you have more support.

Hockey has also trained me for the future. It has taught me that you can’t always get things your way. You have to work hard to get those things because there will be dangers. If you are not responsible those things will never be yours. You have to be responsible and ready for anything because you never know what could happen. Every once in a while you will get injured but that never means to give up hope.

Always put 200% of what you have got into what you are doing and then you have a much greater chance of achieving that thing you are trying to achieve since you are putting a lot of effort. If you are losing, never give up hope because you never know if a miracle happens. For example last year my team was losing the championship game 2-1 and we won in the last second. We scored with only 0.6 seconds left! My team is really good at hockey. So far we have a pretty decent record. We have won 6 games and lost 3. So far I have scored 3 goals.

Without hockey my life would much different and I would be a much different person. Soccer has made me the person I am because it has trained my legs. This helps me in hockey because it makes me skate faster and it helps me in baseball because it makes me run faster to the base. This year my team was undefeated. I scored around 10 goals in the 8 games we played this fall. We had 2 coaches.

They work us really hard. If we do not listen the make us run 14 of a mile. Some practices we have to run over 2 miles total! Soccer has improved my anticipation, concentration, communication, and discipline skills. These skills help me in both hockey and baseball. Thirdly is baseball. Baseball has made me the person I am because of my arm strength. This helps me in soccer because it improves my throw in distance and this helps me in hockey because it improves my shot power. Just like in soccer my baseball team is undefeated.

We have won every championship except one. That championship game we were runner up. I am not exactly the best at baseball but I am still pretty good at it. The best hit I have ever had is a triple. Each sport pretty much trains me for the other. My athletic life is what makes me…………me!  

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