The Condition of Slavery

The conditions of slaves in America depended on various places and time. However, the slaves were brutally treated, and they were degraded. Many of the slaves were often whipped while women were being raped. These were the common treatment of the slaves during these times. There were no slaves allowed to read or to be taught the same. Some places it was prohibited and those found breaking the rules were severely disciplined (Andrew 49). The banning of reading was because the Whites though the slaves would become intelligent and aspire to them which could lead to their escape. The living conditions of slaves would affect many people if that life were to persist to the current century. The harsh life that the slaves lived means that many people today cannot survive such treatments and living conditions. Slaves were prohibited from holding gatherings including religious without the presence of a white person because most slaves used these meetings is planning how they would rebel. Some of the punishments that were directed on the slaves include branding, mutilation, imprisonment, and whipping. This is same to today imprisonment it is only that in the prisons of today people are not overworked. Pregnant women were given equal punishments just like others. Slaves were viewed by the whites as their properties, and that is why the women were often rapped, and no one dared to complain because the punishments to those who resisted were severe (52). The American society developed rapidly during the slave trade because of the availability of cheap labor. The slaves were also skilled in various areas including masonry and carpentry. Some buildings are still available from the slave trade history, and these structures were facilitated by slaves.

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