The Concept of Organizational Structure

The concept of organizational structure Organizations may be mechanical and organic structure or some mechanical tasks, other tasks may maintain an organic structure. Mechanical design of technical methods for each position in the business, duties and powers are described in detail. Working relationships within the organization is vertical. Obedience is important in mechanical systems. More ‘do the job’ cases are available. Top-down communication that does not depend on the elements work. Efficiency is very low. administrators and obey all work would usually expect intervention. This situation causes quite accusations and complaints. According to the status in an environment where everyone has value. Everyone has to do a good job. Communication is very limited. Organic structure and is less flexible in the definition of work. Responsibilities, functions, methods and powers vary continuously. Relations and communication and discussion in the form of solidarity is horizontal rather than vertical orders. Because mutual communication efficiency is high. everyone has their own personality value the importance of. Statute does not matter. as an internal control environment for the advice and support is available. Save and thereby increases production. Everything would be innovative. everyone is responsible for the work done is not a single administrator. thoughts on employees ‘job well done’ shaped. If you have a problem here, the problem is solved together. Everyone expects respect from each other. A person working in the organic system, just how good a job as well as the best to do business with the targets. In the mechanical system of the first embodiment is not permitted, the emphasis on the second. The new system helps to ensure the implementation of decisions given in the field, time is lost by waiting directives from the center, in the old system. In the new system with the participation of members of the various units of the organization (or even in general) to be made about brainstorming ideas will emerge with a wealth of “best” will be helpful in finding the. The organic system of the major benefits One, administrators, element (necessary knowledge and courage hardware after) in the business bağımsızlaÅŸtırıp; overall coordination, follow the innovation, strategic planning and self-development as well as vital issue to take the time to be making opportunity is. 100% of people and organizations applying mechanical or organic systems, they can not say 100%. In fact, this rate the quality of the organization’s member-managers, together with internal factors such as age, under the influence of external factors change. Widespread organic system administration excels in being a power and interest. Modern business team of experts will develop further understanding and would diminish the authority of the leader are indicated. Communication networks while reducing the importance of boundaries, reducing the authority of the organic system on people who are not administrators. In the new system, rather than the status of the power, personal power will come to the fore, people in different ways, conquered much of their status, knowledge, and experience gained through sacrifice and administrators will be. I’m doing my job, I get my salary in the conception, routine work and the pursuit of common holidays are the elements in this system will be eliminated. Local governments gained power, the bureaucracy will shrink and democratic values ​​will spread to the entire community. Need to possess our own values​​, as well as adapting to the world community to be a lot more thought and being unresponsive stacks get rid of. For this, the “Administrator” and “member” status to reconsider our gerekmektedir.bat world of trial-and-error methods for reaching our values​​, our hand written despite the fact that for centuries ulaÅŸamayışı Our very painful condition, but, at the same time is a reality. BURNS and STALKER Technological changes and market changes in the management of these enterprises constitute what effects, it studied. Results from studies in the organizational structure has been classified in two groups: mechanical and organic. Mechanical organizational structure, static and stable environmental conditions, there are very few cases where the rate of change most suitable structure, the organic structure of the environmental conditions are changing continuously and as fast as the best organizational structure is indicated. Mechanical properties of the organizational structure ; The problems facing businesses and jobs are divided into specific areas of expertise . Every staff member in a business , all business interests to consider the purpose and act accordingly , instead of entering the field activities of his department and a very small part of the whole purpose of which is to act according to . Each specialization and functional levels determined in detail the rights and responsibilities of methods and techniques which will be used is decided here . Authority and command and control relationships are defined as clearly and distinctly . Relationships between members of the organization , essentially the top – in the form of relationship to other relationships. Work to be done and will be shown to a large extent the behavior of those in the upper echelons is in line with their decisions and orders . Of command and staff personnel is defined as the differences between the clear . Control areas are usually narrow and closely oversee . The properties of organic organizational structure ; Members of the organization work to do, constantly , according to the members of the organization re- set relationship with each other . Detailed job descriptions and narrow rather than expand the business based systems is essential. The lower level is given in many decisions and decentralization is essential. Tightly connected to the chain of command , rather than find solutions to problems , and weight the importance of contacts and relationships with people who are . Personnel in certain jobs , rather than to specialized staff will do the job changes constantly according to the organization’s overall objectives is essential. Horizontal communication is at least as important as vertical communication . Communication between members of the organization are advisory rather than command and control communications . Organizations in general are more vulnerable to environmental factors . The organic structure of the mechanical structure and the relationships that have openings in duty and walk away from the hierarchical structure. What to do and how to do business with staff constantly communicating with others improves. Organization administrators stressed that non-formal fear of powerful business groups and social system divides thinkers including internal systems and external systems to Geoarg Homans. Burns and Stalker experiencing a sudden change in the market and technological management in enterprises of this type have a tendency to see that. The birth of new problems constantly in a system where there is stability, this type of organizational structure is the structure that gives the most positive results. Because organizations must be solid and lasting relationships with experts by making existing plans should be able to adjust to the new conditions. This company’s management philosophy is overcome strict boundaries between functional departments and organizations shown in the scheme of the communication channels to be taken into account when necessary, can be accomplished by supporting horizontal and diagonal communication. Two Organizational Forms Difference Specizalition Mechanical : The organization’s problems and tasks are divided according to function. Organic : Ä°mportant contribution to solving the problems of the organization depends on the expertise and experience. Difference General orientation Mechanic : Ä°ndividual tasks, one is given without regard to specific techniques. Organic : Ä°ndividual tasks, in a realistic manner depending on the organization’s total is given. Difference Coordination Mechanic : Coordination of tasks divided according to the person’s immediate superior. Organic : Ä°ndividual tasks are in continuous interaction with other individuals. Difference Rights and obligations Mechanic : Everyone’s rights, obligations and work is relevant to the role. Organic : Responsibility for a person’s rights, obligations and duties according to the change. Difference Control Mechanic : Control, authority and communication are hierarchically structured. Organic : Control, authority and communication are in the form of a network structure. Difference Information centre Mechanic : Hierarchy is supported by centralizing information about ongoing problems. Organic : Management is not perceived as omniscient. Information is located along the entire network. Information, traveling into central authority. Difference Direction of communication Mechanic : Trend among employees, is divided into upper and lower. Organic : When a problem is applied vertical communication. so communication becomes more constructive. Difference Instructions Mechanic : Work and tasks are controlled by the superiors. Organic : Communication of information and guidance when making decisions rather occurs. Difference Loyalty Mechanic : Loyalty to superiors at work if you help an important win. Organic : organization’s mission and technical progress is more important than loyalty. WOODWARD Organizations engaged in mass production units in the mechanistic organizational structure and processes of organizations engaged in the production of organic organizational structure were found to be more successful. This means that the structure and organization of the technology used is proven that there is a tight relationship. Technology progresses, organizations will want to switch to organic organizational structure, organic organizational structures that carry the future of the structural features of the organization said. PERROW Charles Perrow relationship between technology and work organization structure, routine and non-routine works by classifying form, organizational structure can be determined accordingly argued. According to Perrow; technology as an independent variable by kalmayıp organizational structure is thus transformed into a dependent variable. If you do the job with less work to do the necessary knowledge and technology to own mechanical organizational structure would be more appropriate. If you do not have clear and distinct issues, work to be done to understand and difficult to determine the specific techniques not available previously tried and an organic structure in such organizations would be more appropriate. CONCLUSION: The main idea of ​​Contingency approach, one of the factors that determine the organizational structure and processes, the technology used in the organization to be associated with the organization is that environmental factors. Note: Contingency approach is based on an open system approach. Modern Vision Organization Modern approaches in organizational essentially systems approach, the contingency approach are discussed under the names. According to this view of the structure of the organization should be how the business is not simply an administrative choice. On the contrary, the organizational structure of the organization surrounding environmental conditions will determine how it should be. Modern views across the organic organizational structure and the mechanical organization of open systems versus closed systems is related to understanding the organization. The main feature of modern opinion, based on specific scientific concepts have a structure consisting of analytical, empirical research, and above all to benefit substantially from the general synthesis, the model and the system is moving towards establishing a character. According to the modern view of the structure of the organization should be how business is not simply an administrative choice. On the contrary, environmental conditions surrounding the organization, the organizational structure will determine how it should be. Modern opinion organic organizational structure rather than mechanical organizational structure, rather than closed systems to open systems is the understanding of the organization.

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