The Challenges and Hopes of Pursuing Career Goals

I Can Move Mountains

In my path of life, I know it will not have easy routes. These routes may contain bumpy roads, hills, dirt roads, and especially mountains. These routes will help me guide to my dreams and aspirations. If I never get through these routes, I will not accomplish my goals. In life, I learn that I can’t complete things without putting my effort into it. If life just had straight roads, I would not live a happy life. Life will always be filled with challenges and I must face it.

In high school, there were so many challenges I had to face. These challenges would either be social or academic. The social challenges were I need to learn that other individuals will not accept for who I’m and an academic challenge it to keep my grades proficient at all times.

Ever since I join AVID, it changed my life in variety of ways. It led me to many opportunities throughout high school and it made me think about my future.

In my freshmen year, I remember in AVID I always have to memorize my A-G requirements and certain dates about college registration. For my sophomore year, I remember I have to do Road Trip Nation. The Road Trip Nation put a significant impact on me. It was very significant to me because it influence me to always stay strong and positive even if you are going through a rough time. Furthermore, it had influence to become very serious about my future.

During junior year, AVID became more serious. It became more serious because it’s almost that time to go to college. During that year, I have to do more research about college and about my career. The favorite thing I love to do was researching about my career because it shows the ways on how to get there. The most fun experience I had is when I went on a college tour. It was a great experience because I was able to see if I want to apply to these colleges or not. Also, the college tour wanted me to go travel everywhere in the world. Senior year became more serious while I was AVID. It became more stressful too. For instance, I have to apply for colleges, study for the SAT and study for placement exams.

This fall, I will be attending a four-year university. I will be attending California State University of East Bay and majoring in political science. My major goals while I’m in college are to get involved with the school and the community. I want to join organizations such as ASI/student government, Greek Life, and community programs. After I go there for four years, I will earn my master’s at a law school. The dream I want to make happen is to open my own law firm practice after I work for one. I believe if I never join AVID, I would be completely lost right now.

I give a special thank you to my AVID teacher for always believing me and giving me these opportunities to be on the right path.

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