The CDC Fights Against Diseases by Treating Refugees

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You’ve heard it around. You’ve seen it around. But what does it stand for? People often wonder what CDC stands for and what do these people do.

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CDC stands for Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. These people are the people who are here to serve and protect us. The CDC is the nation’s health agency. These people have a huge role in protecting us against plenty. The CDC saves lives and protects people from health threats. To accomplish their mission, the CDC conducts critical science and provides health information that protects our nation against expensive and dangerous health threats. They also respond when problems like these arise. The CDC works long and hard to protect America from health, safety and security threats, both foreign and in the U.S, whether the disease is chronic or acute, curable or preventable. You name it, the CDC has done it and continues to make it their mission to be able to accomplish these tasks. Some of the CDC’s jobs are to track these diseases and find out what’s making people sick, confronting global disease threats, helping bring more knowledge to help people from getting sick and fight diseases before they reach the U.S borders. Using the word broad to describe what the CDC does is an understatement. These individuals and company as a whole do so much.

There are many focus areas that the CDC participate in. Focus areas in the CDC company are; travelers health, quarantine and border health services, immigrant, refugee, and migrant health, United States-Mexico health, community interventions for infection control, overseas field programs, and lastly policy and regulatory affairs. The focus group that appealed the strongest or the most interesting had to be the immigrant, refugee, and migrant health because that is a major controversy in the US as of right now. According to the UNHCR, As of 2009, an estimated 15.2 million refugees were located around the world. Of these refugees, 251,500 were voluntarily repatriated to their home nations. And In 2011, the United States accepted 56,424 refugees for resettlement. With Trump as our president and immigrants and refugees still leaking into our country, this topic is very relevant to the CDC. These immigrants are outsiders who seek medical treatment. Since these people are like foreigners to the U.S, the CDC has to act against all diseases accompanied with the immigrants and refugees before they even start some sort of pandemic outbreak. The focus group in which I chose focuses on conducting global disease surveillance and response, they partner to improve refugee and migrant health, they improve the screening and treatment of disease worldwide, and they communicate health information globally. These few things tie in to the CDC’s mission because as previously stated, the mission of the CDC is to protect our country against these diseases in which decide to try to enter. The focus area of the IRMH(immigrant, refugee,and migrant health) makes sure that they meet all of the CDC’s mission goals. When new people enter our country, there’s a chance in which they can bring some sort of virus or disease with them from where they lived. The job of the IRMH is to protect the U.S by investigating these diseases before they even spread.

A community is a melting pot of people who come from all different types of backgrounds and all share at least one thing in common. Their one common goal might just be to be able to be protected from all these deadly diseases and viruses. The CDC makes it their mission to protect their fellow citizens from the deadliest diseases out there. The work that the IRMH does will benefit our community in a lot of ways. Within a community, there are newborns, infants, toddlers, teens, adults, and elderly people. These individuals, especially the newborns will mostly benefit from the work that the IRMH and CDC does because this age group specifically has the least strongest immune system. According to NCBI, they are most likely to catch something or get sick the fastest because their bodies are still in the process of building an immune system strong enough to fight. During times when foreigners migrate to the U.S, having someone to monitor diseases and viruses are important. These foreigners can bring lots of diseases and viruses along with them to the U.S. The IRMH makes it their duty and responsibility to keep us safe by treating the refugees and immigrants with the proper care treatment they need to reduce the risk of diseases spreading. My community and I can benefit from this because it’s what we deserve. No one deserves to catch a disease through someone else who didn’t get treated. The efforts that the IRMH makes in our community serves to prove that what they are doing is going into effect.

The CDC and IRMH serves to prove that they are taking things seriously. Treating refugees before letting them become free citizens is the best thing possible for everyone’s safety. Once a refugee gets the proper care and treatment needed, the risks of disease spread is way lower than what it could’ve been. All in all, the CDC’s mission statement was not one that was false advertised. They are doing what they can to their best ability to get these diseases to not spread. The IRMH is also true to their statement. These people are the big shot. They are the ones who cut down to the chase and go through each and every refugee and make sure they are free of diseases and viruses. The CDC is or should be a huge part of everyone’s community because they are what is keeping us disease and virus free.

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