Terrorism the Unlawful Use

Terrorism the unlawful use of violence and intimidation, especially against civilians, in the pursuit of political aim. To strike fear in the people of countries that are under selfish, harmful, and horrendous attacks. Economist Walter Enders and Todd Sander defined terrorism as the premeditated use and or threat to use violence by individuals or subnational group to obtain a social or political or social goal through violent intimidation of a large audience beyond that of the immediate victims that are in active danger.

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09/11 has reached seventeen years, the Paris bombing happened three years ago, Hijacking of flight Al 426 from London to Avi via Rome.

Today there is at least five types of terrorism and this gives many identifications on what the motives are in these terrorist attacks that harm many people around the world.

The first is being State sponsored terrorism which consist acts being taken by state or government, against government is Dissent Terrorism in this case is the typical rebel groups that fight against their countries government. Left and Right terrorist are groups that root in political ideology. Religious terrorism are groups that are extremely religiously motivated that will and do fight for there right of belief and defy others. Last but not least is Criminal Terrorism which are terrorist acts for crime or profit that fuel acts for the negotiations of money or to carry out prices on individuals.

Seventeen years ago New York World Trade center the darkest time in United States in 9/11, Three years ago Paris, France bombing in concert hall, major stadium, restaurants and bars, almost all set off in the same time back in 2015, Airplane hijacking of flight Al 426 in London to Avi via Rome in 1968. 9/11 was at a certain point in U.S. history that had shifted countries into war all motive was to strike fear in the people of United States in the act of Religious terrorism. The Paris motives was possibly an attempt to influence a significant shift that is in the act of the Left and Right terrorist groups for political change through force, investigations still continue on.

Al 426 was hijacked on July 22nd, 1968 in London going to Rome as the passengers aboard where held hostage to free Islamic prisoners that are incarcerated a prime example of Criminal terrorism. What I’m trying to get is that all these acts all have in common that they are all classified as unlawful use of violence that is a serious threat that the whole world is facing in the past to recent events.

Striking fear, using violence to influence elections, putting lives in harm’s way to attain power, profits, and etc. Keep in mind terrorist are certain groups of people that take their own actions that threaten to overthrow certain powers for their own beliefs and ruling. With actions that violate rights of people in this world from the Declaration of Human Rights was created in 1948 in Palais de Chaillot, Paris by Eleanor Roosevelt with the Spanish language version. It is and I quote freedom of opinion and other basic rights. There is no exception and there is no sugar coating for these attacks around the world, can terrorism be justified the answer is simply no it is not applicable, it has no right sense of mind and is most certainly never the right choice of actions to choose over words that certain movements use unlawfully for their decision of change.

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