Swot Analysis of Siddhartha Technologies Business Essay

Located in Kathmandu, Siddhartha Technologies is a profit organistation which offer new ideas about ICT, Providing some training, providing information about ICT all around the Nepalwho don’t know about ICT, software development and consultancy services to different companies and organizations. We are specializing in web application design, programming, database design and administration,making desktop basesoftware (college,Hospital,Hostel,school) and network administration. We service our clients more effective and power full software all around the world.

1.2Mission Statement

Our promise to novelty keeps us focused on the future and being prepared at every level to service modify. Help customers get better our business performance by as long as world-class solutions via business and IT capabilities that influence our globally incorporated team of thought-provoking, fervent professionals. We build up quality software solutions utilizing ideas, citizens and technology (Metaoption, no date.)

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Make society to known about ICT and Its future scope Our focus lies on the profit to the consumer honesty and reliability Quality and accuracy Proximity to customers High software usability and decrease of preparation periods supple, tailor-made solutions for every consumer

1.4Five specific objectives

To become a process driven company, following the industry standards and benchmark. To become a global company, catering to transnational customers. To provide quality services and always be customer centric. To become the leading player in the Nepalese software industry. To protect shareholders interest in the company, and ensure fair returns on their investment. 2.1According to the member of Siddhartha Technologies , my role is to develop prefect an appraisal system for our organisation to handle the overall system of the organisation. First I will like to clearly, many mangers take on appraisal systems just because other organisations have them or maybe since it is seen as the right thing to do. This can signify that a business operates an appraisal system that does not fit its needs. As well, citizens are frequently unclear about what it is that appraisal really does. For most public with skill of appraisal, it is unavoidably linked with challenging issues such as pay awards or difficulty with act. Maybe this contributes to the bewilderment. Very few managers are obviously good in appraisal. We can see different types of Appraisal system. They are given below Performance Appraisal Performance appraisal is the assessment of an employee’s job performance. Therefore performance appraisal is the methodical and aim way of judging the relation worth or aptitude of a worker performing his / her tasks. The P.A system helps us to identify those who are performing their assigned tasks well and those who are not and the reasons for such performances. Behavioral Appraisals They focus more on observable aspects of performance. The actual behavior and actions of an employee which is exhibited in a job are assessed. Behavioral appraisals measure exact, visible aspects of performance-being on time for work, for instance-although creation the assessment is still somewhat slanted. Result Appraisal Tend to me more objective. They focus on results such as sales, volumes, units produced or profits earned. One approach to results appraisal is MBO, Management by Objective Subjective Appraisal Attribute appraisals are ratings of such slanted attributes as “attitude,” “initiative,” and “leadership.” attribute evaluations may be simple to create and make use of, but their strength questionable because the evaluator’s individual bias can influence the ratings. 360 degree Feedback In a “theater in the round,” the actors in a dramatic play are watched by an audience on all sides of them-360 degrees. Similarly, as a worker, you have many people watching you from all sides. Thus has arisen the idea of the 360-degree appraisal, or 360-degree feedback assessment, in which workers are appraised not only by their decision-making superiors but also by peers, subordinates, and occasionally consumers, thus as long as several perspectives. As member we have to recommend performance appraisals because Performance appraisal is a management control tool and a formal management procedure; it is part of the larger process of performance management (Edmonstone, 1996). It should not be perceived as the core of performance management, as it feeds into the larger concept in relation to other activities and should not be addressed as performance management in itself. Performance appraisal goes beyond the formal assessment of how well employees are performing their jobs to the formal communication of the organizations missions and goals, a foundation on which to establish informal channels of communication, a method on which to base organizational rewards and a tool to improve the performance of each and every employee within the organization (Desselle 2009). There are numerous texts as to the definition of performance appraisal. DeVries et al., (1981) defined performance appraisal as the process that allows an organization to measure and evaluate an employee’s behaviour and accomplishments over a specific period of time. Performance appraisal in organizations is geared towards the future and it is developmental in nature. Bowles and Coates (1993) defined performance appraisal as performance expectation, identifying training and development needs, career counselling, succession planning improving individual and to determine promotion. Moon (1993, p. 8) went ahead to define performance appraisal as a formal documented system for the periodic review of an individual’s performance. Marchington and Wilkinson (1996) describe it as a cyclical process: determining performance expectations; supporting performance; reviewing and appraising performance; and, finally, managing performance standards. That way performance appraisal system is the best way to developed our organisation. Over the years interest in performance appraisal has increased, the practice of informally evaluating employees has been on for centuries. Grint (1993), Traces it back to Chinese third-century practice of Sun Yu a Chinese philosopher. In United States, formal performance appraisals started in the military when an army general submitted an evaluation of his men ranking them in as “a good-natured man” or “a Knave despised by all” (Bellows and Estep, 1954). The first organizational application of performance appraisal in the United Kingdom according to Randall (1989) was at the Robert Owen’s textile mills where a system called the ‘Silent Monitor’ which is a four sided wooden block with different colours was used to evaluate employees. In the 1950s, performance appraisal was used to evaluate employees past performance in the organization over a period of time. It was a tool for justifying employee salaries, determining rewards, pay rise or pay cut of past performance of employees. It is past orientated, pays no attention to training and development, career development and possibility of an employee.

SWOT Analysis of Siddhartha Technologies

SWOT is a tactical planning process that analyzes objectives from side to side two internal and two external variables: Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats (SWOT). The methodology may be applied to our organsitation with clear objectives, as well as the software development. SWOT analysis begins with research into the software development as it relates to possible business objectives. This includes spirited data for the software development, including a full sympathetic of our organization’s structure and status.


Good with databases and analysis Experience of overseas selling Interested and passionate about data analysis and trending Good balance sheet Reselling manufactured goods is rapid – no manufactured goods growth required.


Currently have a small consumer base with few consumers with time to analyses their data No other perpendicular market – would need to discover one! just take delivery of a proportion of sale – question about potential productivity plenty of potential rivalry – from traditional crop…’we already have one of those thanks’ Require ‘good paying consumers to stop cashflow matter – having pay software salesperson previous to the consumer has paid. trustworthiness with large corporations or organizations – little direct knowledge of big BI projects


make an ‘Add On’ to obtainable crop or Services BI software is a rising market utilize the manufactured goods to find new request areas for business area Utilize manufactured goods to find new perpendicular market for new base manufactured goods. Offer Consultancy and Training First charge of sale improved over time by additional sales of the manufactured goods to the same description. Current trends in manufacturing and business to decrease costs – huge need for data analysis


Vendor changes selling strategy and drops resellers awful product free plunder product image…and belongings the aptitude to sell Business resource is strained away from current high value added (high profitability) activities to this inferior value added (low profitability) action. rival with vendors own sales teams and other more local resellers Now, we have to make Action Plan which will help our organization for next three months.


This is a cooperation flanked by the persons tasked with solving the problem and the persons who over-see their work. Basically, the parties need to come to an accord on what a solution to the problem will look like. Are the overseers anticipating a completion plan, a fully ready production line, an advice for funds asset, or a new product design? What metrics are measured important-cycle times, material costs, market share, fragment rates, or contract costs? Multifaceted problems may be broken down into equally elite and jointly thorough components, allowing each piece to be addressed unconnectedly. The cooperation should be familiar with that the scope of the problem that is definite will drive the source requirements of the problem solvers. The more alert the problem definition, the less capital necessary to produce a solution. In conclusion, the time edge for problem psychoanalysis should also be well-known. A lot of trade evils need an expedited or crisis reply. This might denote that the problem solvers need to produce a provisional or temporary solution to the problem before they can completely discover the fundamental causes of the problem. Ensuring that the overseers identify the boundaries intrinsic in an acting solution serves to protect the trustworthiness of the problem solvers. Main problems faced by management in our organisations are the required to maintain a spirited advantage. With the universal economic weather it has been tricky for our organisations to keep up with rivals, let alone improved them. Business culture is one liability that management needs to stick to because it is vital when we want to succeed in business. It creates a intelligence of novelty and efficiency as opposite to a more negative society which may smother workers and damagingly affect job satisfaction. As well, managers have a vast liability for guiding the organisation in the right way as they are the main decision makers. Managers have to make the plans and put in order their workers and capital in order to put the organisation in a way that will funding them achievement. The majority modern management take on a planned management style which originally states the main aim of the exacting mission which follows by the processes that will be accepted out on a day-to-day base. In addition, one of the most significant aspects that a good manager requires is hard communication skills. It is very expected in business that we are going to come into make contact with contradictory styles of communication, but it is the manager’s job to be conscious of this in addition to own style. Manager need to be able to put into effect their own style of communication even as being intelligent to become accustomed to others, particularly if they are consulting with other organisations and companies. (Management.blurtit.,no date). Two major problems faced by management are 1: How to deal the labour union: The work is the group of people working for the betterment of the recruits working in the organization. The management has to make a decision that how to full fill the strain of the work union in high opinion of salaries, bonuses, insurance, medical allowances, tassel benefits etc. 2: How to vie in the market: A variety of decisions for example how to charge the cost, how to place the manufactured goods, how to encourage the product has to be taken by the management and they try to resolve these evils in a most excellent manner.

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