Somalian Refugees

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Due to events occurring in the early 90’s, and mid-2000’s, there has been a large out migration of Somalians into European countries and beyond. The continuation of violence enabled the refugees to stay considerably longer than host countries expected. One of these countries is Norway. According to a news article dated September 15, 2018, from Norway Today, Norway is planning strip 1, 600 migrants of their refugee status. Some sources believe this is unfair treatment of the Somalians, others believe that Norway’s citizens safety and security, and its welfare system depend on the migrants leaving Norway.

In 2006, Somali, a country torn apart by warring militias and civil unrest, was invaded by its neighbor Ethiopia. In this unstable environment of constant conflict, an Al-Qaida affiliated threat group emerged, Al-Shabab. Originating in 2006, Al-Shabab which means youngster in Arabic, began as a militia to support the Islamic Courts Union (ICU). The ICU was controlled by a powerful warlord whose militias had positive control over most of Southern Somalia. In 2006, Ethiopia sent troops into Somalia to establish a Transitional Federal Government (TFG) whose mission was to oust warlords and set up an organized form of government. By 2008, the TFG had gained control of Southern Somalia, but Al-Shabab took it back in 2009. This cycle has repeated itself several times, making life perilous for the country’s inhabitants. Since 2006, refugees have been pouring into Europe from Somalia. While the UK seems to be the destination of the bulk of Somalian refugees, at 250,000, other smaller countries have taken in refugees during the conflicts that have produced widespread violence and destruction.

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Norway is currently the home of 28,696, Somali refugees. While Norway was agreeable to let Somali refugees into their country, Norwegian leadership has decided that it is time they return to their home of origin. This decision was made in consideration of a more stable government, and reduced terror group activities now seen in Somalia.

Norway’s decision to send the refugees home, has initiated criticism by the European Union, and Pro-migrant groups. These groups are active in renouncing the Norwegian Governments decision, saying the situation in Somalia isn’t stable enough to send refugees back to. Norwegian State Secretary Torkil ?…mland commented on the opposition to the move saying, The fact that some organizations disagree with the strict asylum and immigration policy that this government is leading is not the same as breaking the rules.

One of the variables driving the reverse migration effort is Norway’s welfare system. Migrants make up ?? of Norway’s welfare recipients. The government claims that this is taxing the countries welfare system which isn’t designed to permanently take care of its citizens, or refugees. Norway is known for having one of the most generous welfare systems in the world. Some Norweigans feel that the refugees are taking advantage of their system.

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In Prisoners of Geography, Tim Marshall mentions the ethnic conflicts occurring in Somalia. Reasoning that there were conflicts and differences before European Colonization, Marshall states that colonialism forced those differences to be resolved within an artificial structure —the European concept of a nation state. (Marshall)

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