Social Problem and Death Penalty

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People are hurting themselves because others have a different point of view on who they are and what they do. America has a lot of social issues, some could even say they are modernized from older times. A lot of people still have that olden days mind set where everyone has to follow the same regimen, everyone has to go to school, go to work and then have kids and pass away. When you have people that don’t want be normal or not follow that stereotype people clash, and things don’t really end up that good. People discriminate others on their religion, race, sex, and gender, so on and so forth.

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“Social Problem and Death Penalty”

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One of the major social issues is sex orientation. This is who you are attracted to whether it be the same sex, opposite or both. More than 34,000 people each year harm themselves because of bullying and discrimination of their sexuality. This is one of the leading causes of death in youth from ages 15 to 24. People should not feel like they are scared to be themselves, or that if they aren’t normal then that means that they are bad and are a horrible person. The way that I view it is that if two people love each other regardless of their gender everyone should leave them alone, I’m also not saying that everyone has to like it but I am saying that you should keep your opinions to yourself because they aren’t harming you in any way.

It’s sad that most of social problems are discrimination against other humans.

Race, I would say is the top social issue. This is because in the past six years, 22 black men have been killed by white cops. I’m not saying that every black man is innocent or every cop was innocent, when the black community heard about this is was an absolute uproar and the black community went against all of the whites and formed the black lives matter movement which is very similar to the black panthers of 1966. This group was created for protection of blacks against politics. The barrier between whites and blacks go all the way back to almost 900 B.C, it worsened in the 1860’s when white farmers used blacks for slavery work around there farms, that happened for almost 200 years. Later in time around the 1960’s and 70’s, the Jim Crow laws were put into place. These laws allowed segregation in normal town and allowed for white business owners to block there stores off to blacks and only let whites in. blacks did the same thing by only letting people like them use their stuff. It even came to the point where the bathrooms and water fountains were divided, blacks and whites couldn’t even sit together at sport events. They also made blacks sit in the back of the bus, and didn’t let them use any taxi or transportation. Today is not as bad but it has gotten to the point where people are killing each other for disputes with one another. It has done nothing but make things worse and I don’t think people realize that.

One person can’t change all of these problems by themselves, one higher power man cant “make America great again”. It takes everyone to realize that nothing going to get better until we realize that we all need each other to be a successful country. Killing each other is not the answer, yet we still do it. Mr. Trump is our president, there is no doubt that he is whether you like it or not, it’s just how it is. People saying “he’s not my president” helps nothing and is really selfish. Join him with the stuff that you believe he does right and help him. You may think that he’s a monster or not but all he wants is good for the American people. I don’t agree with everything that he says or believes in but you have to support him whether you like it or not.

It’s sad that I could go on and on about the problems in the world. It’s also sad that some kids are scared to go to school. People want to take away guns and everything but we wouldn’t have anything to protect us. Also the people that shoot up schools should not just be put into mental health places, they need to be in jail for life or have the death penalty. I feel like that they barley even do anything to those people and just tell them that they are crazy.

Nothing will change until we all realize that we need each other. No man or women can change the world either. It kind of sucks that we all won’t be around to see the world at its greatest. That doesn’t mean that we have to give up, because that’s not the case at all. It should be the job for us to make this world as good as we can for the future generations and give them a platform to build off of. So let’s spread love and work together. I can guarantee that our founding fathers would not want to see the world like this. All of the things that I have talked about are such a small part of the problems. We all love cell phones and the internet, but I believe that it is the cause off all of this and it’s the reason that people get these ideas to do bad stuff. It’s also making our youth so attached to them that’s it’s all they do. No one will realize what we have to do to change this world, I can understand how people might think that it’s a lost cause but we could at least make the effort.

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