Serial Killers in Sociology

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Serial murder is the unlawful manslaughter of three or more people over an extended period of time (“”Serial murder.””), involving cooling-off periods in between. Serial killers are notorious in the sociological field. They act differently than others and spark interest among many people, even outside of the sociological world. They may seem completely normal to the regular person. They may even come across as kind, funny, or charming, however, they may come across as or be considered outcasts.

Theodore Ted Bundy is one of the most well-known serial killers today. As a child, Bundy had a rough life. After being abandoned in a home for unwed mothers, where his mother delivered him, his grandparents brought him in. His grandfather was aggressive and violent, while his grandmother was frequently hospitalized for shock therapy. Bundy’s mother never spoke about who his real father was, being an illegitimate child haunted him throughout his whole life (“”Theodore Robert Bundy).

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As child, Bundy showed many signs of violence such as lifting the covers off of his fifteen year old sleeping cousin and laying three large knives next to her as a toddler, when she asked what he was doing, he smiled (“”Theodore Robert Bundy). Bundy also developed a taste for the finer things at a young age. As a young teen, he started sneaking out to masturbate at night while looking through women’s windows. He began frequently looking at detective magazines’ gory pictures of murdered and sexually assaulted women (“”Dahmer’s Confession Convinces Jury He Was Sane During Mass Murders””).

As an adult, Bundy was able to have normal sexual relationships and separate these from rape. He fell in love with a beautiful girl with long brown hair. She later rejected him for someone else. Following this, he began killing young women who resembled her.. Bundy then dropped out of college and fell into a state of depression. When Bundy began to kill young women, he used his charm to seduced them into talking to him. He would wear a fake cast on his arm and lean on crutches, then ask women to help him carry his books or help him into his vehicle. He then hit the women with his crutches, knocking them out, and shoved their unconscious bodies into his car.

In 1975, Bundy was arrested for driving recklessly in Utah. He was found with the hairs of one of the women. A victim who was able to escape from Bundy the year before later identified him. Before his trial, Bundy jumped out of a window, only to be captured again a few days later. He escaped a second time by sawing a hole in the ceiling of his jail cell. He went to Florida.

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