Roads and Travel Authority – Dubai (HR Performance Compensation)

Roads and Travel Authority – Dubai ( HR Performance Compensation) Aspirant: I am a Management student who is currently in the final year of my course. As a course specialization I have chosen the stream of the HR. This is a stream that is of special importance to me since the HR is a gamut that deals with the human resources or the human manpower of the company. This is an element that happens to be quite crucial for the success of the company. Once again the human resource of the company is again elements that have their own brains and issues related to them could be very sensitive. Hence handling comes with special challenges that will be making the job profile all the more challenging and interesting. With the same I would invite you all to my investigation into the facet of performance compensation that is genre of special importance in the career and responsibility scope of a HR. Introduction: Within the regime of the business and the corporate studies one must have come across the concept and the idea stating quite often that – Any company is as good as its employees. This is a much propagated and discussed idea and again contributes to the basic foundation on which rests several thriving commercial empires. This is the concept that doe elucidate the importance of the employees and the roles and the significance of the human resource and the manpower strength that is working in any business organization and is responsible for the success or the failure of the business in the market. Hence in the light of the same it could be said that the manpower resource of any company happens to be as vital as its other categories of resources such as the company’s financial resources and its machinery and other It supports and setups. In fact the manpower or the human resource happens to be the main pillar that determines the market competitiveness of any company. In this context it could be further illustrated that ever happens to have a separate department which is completely and uniquely dedicated to the maintenance of the gamut of the manpower resources of the company. This department is known as the Hr department or the Human resource department and has specially skilled and qualified employees and personals who are responsible for maintaining the steady stream of inflow of talents and maintenance of the same within the company, so that the employees could put a better grade of performance in their own, individual and the collected interest of the company as a whole. The HR is such a department that deals only with the problem of manpower. Right from the initial step of bringing in an employees within the company system, which is also known as recruitment, the HR is responsible for the performance observation of the individual along with the facet of performance appraisal that has the element of training or rewards in its trails. Once again it is the HR which is responsible for the maintenance of the office environment and for maintaining a proper work culture and ambience that will be progressively influencing the performance of the employees. Once again its is the Hr which is again responsible for maintaining the personal records of the employees and taking care of their exit formalities. Apart from the mentioned roles and responsibilities, the HR again has other roles that are quite all embracing in terms of up keeping and improving the performance standards of the individual employees and that of the business organization as a whole. One such very important role is the part determination role regarding the compensation of the employees and the execution of the same on a monthly basis. This is a very significant, crucial and sensitive role that is taken care of by the HR department and which plays the most important role in maintaining the employees of a business organization. It is in the light of the same that we will be throwing a flood of light on the organization of the Road and Travel Authority of Dubai. In the current discussion wee will be taking a look at the Hr department of the organization of RTA which is a Dubai Government undertaking and is one of the premier organization of the city. In the scope of the discussion we will be resting a special focus on the compensation facet of the HR functions that happens to have a special and a particular influence on the working standards of the employees of the company. With benefits of development come other harassments that accompany and trails in the tails of growth. Dubai being a global wonder in terms of the high level urbanization that it happens to exhibit also has some of the busiest streets and roads in the world. Once again in this context we see that the Dubai in its aim of becoming one of the most modern and evolved cities in the world happens to have made a great endeavor in the filed of infrastructure development. One of the facilities that happen to be absolutely imperative for the development of a city is smooth and efficient transport and commuting facilities. For the same we see that well developed roads and improved public transport system happens to be the demand of the highly urbanized Dubai city. In this perspective we come across the organization of the Roads and Transport Authority that was formed by the decree number 17 in the year 2005. This is a body that falls under the jurisdiction of the government which is responsible for planning and providing transports and roads facilities to the citizens of the Emirates of Dubai. The body again looks forward to facilitate the transport structure between Dubai and the rest of the Emirates of UAE and also the neighboring countries. HR Department (General): The RTA is one of the premier government or public organization of Dubai that plays an integral role in the development of the city and also the revenue of the nation. Quite without any doubt it could be said that the employees of the company happens to play a very important role in the entire operations scenario and market position of the company. In this case we could say that the HR of the company exhibits some very unique roles and carries out some very important functions in the company that not just enhances the skills of the employees and provides them with an ambience that happens to be conducive for a developmental work culture and ambience but at the same times is responsible for a competitive performance scale and standard of the organization as a whole. The HR through its various endeavors tries to make the company one of the most important employers of the city and the national economy. In fact the HR recruitment policies of the company are in perfect alignment with the policy of emiratization policy of the national government. Through this policy we see that the company looks forward to provide maximum employment opportunities for the national youth of Dubai and also of UAE. This is the stand that will help to reduce the competition between the immigrant labor and the UAE nationals and will again help the nation to prevent the erosion of its economy that does take place through the huge salary amounts to the foreign labor. In addition to the same, once again we see that the HR policy of the company does provide some great working and career opportunities for the women of the nation as well. Records of the company do reveal that a number of women happens to be handling some really important positions and responsibilities and are positioned in some of the top positions in the company. Once again we see that the HR plays an eminent role in the development of the employees who are provided with some of the most ace level training schedules and programs. Once again we see that the HR again does arrange for some very relevant workshops for the employees that do provide the employees with great on the job trainings that helps the employees to perform better. In addition to the same we see that the HR of the company with the encouragement from the management of the company also fosters other training and development features through which the employees are encouraged to pursue further education and again enhance their one educational qualification. Once again we see that the HR makes some very special efforts in developing the leadership skills and qualities of the employees as the management and the HR team together feels that the leaders and their skills will be playing a pivotal role in the development of the business organization as a whole. The HR through its scope of operations again happens to formulate its policies that happen to be in conformity with the governmental and statutory laws of the land. HR Department (Compensation): The RTA is a government organization that happens to have an employee engagement program that helps the employee to take new responsibilities and to take up new roles that helps them learn new skill sets and also elaborate and enhance their profiles as professionals. This is one of the facets that make the tenure of service of the employees with the organization Road and Transport Authority in Dubai all the more worthwhile and precious. Once again in this respect it could be mentioned that since the organization happens to be a public undertaking the security of job happens to be all the more guaranteed and the national elements also gets much support from the organization in the various genres such as their religious practices for which they need to take out time form their duty hours Another very important facet or rather the most important aspect of employee management that helps the company to retain its talent and also attract more of the same is the pay package of the company. The RTA happens to be a reasonably good and competitive pay master that helps its employees to maintain a healthy and standard lifestyle. However in this perspective there is another minute detail that needs to be elaborated. The compensation and the benefits that is provided by the company does include several other facility and perks that adds a special attraction to the employment opportunity with the company and gas many more elements than just a fat salary amount. In fact it could be said that the compensation design or scheme that is discerned by the HR of the company with a consent from the management of the organization regarding the same happens to all embracing and tries to focus on the various requirements that the employee and its family could possibly have. Following are the list o components that comprise to be the compensation or benefits package of the employees of the company:

  • The fixed part of the salary that is agreed upon at the time of the employment and which is mentioned in the appointment letter.
  • The various performance incentives that happen to be based on the standard of performance of the employees and the amount of target and dateline that they have been able to accomplish.
  • The yearly bonuses that the organization does indulge especially at times of the important festivities of the nation.
  • Once again the compensation package consists of the various extra perks that the company provides to the children of an employee at the important intervals of their academic careers that are awarded to the children of the employees based on the academic performances of the children and their further interest and plans of future higher education.
  • Various other facilities are provided to the employees especially at times of their and their family’s need which comprises to be an elemental part of the support that the organization extends to their employees in order to ensure a healthy and safe living. This again helps the company to win over the loyalty of their employees.
  • Accommodation and health insurances are provided to the employees
  • LTA on completion of a time period.

Case Study Situation: The RTA is an organization that does facilitate the element of communication and transport with in the city of Dubai and also outside the same. As mentioned in the beginning of the discussion that Dubai is a city that has a lot of hustle and bustle going on all the time. The city happens to be on a move round the clock and is always striv8ing towards better tomorrow. In this quest an immaculate transport system that is perfectly maintained and monitors stands quite imperative. This is the task that is accomplished by the RTA. However there are certain things that are lot more difficult than what they sound. In the course of maintaining a perfectly facilitated transport and road system the huge gamut of operations and aspects that the organization of RTA has to handle is quite unthinkable. The huge range of services that are provided by and are monitored by the company is quite humungous. In this perspective we see that the company again has to employ a wide range of employees who are quite diversified in terms of their profiles and roles and responsibilities that are handled by them. In this context we could hence also opine that the remunerative or the compensation factor that is to be designed and maintained for them are again quite hugely diversified. Hence the gamut and the scope of work for the HR of the company are quite challenging. Difficulties are further added by the facet that not all employees are paid for their services on a month rate chart or the salary slab that is agreed upon at the time of the employment. Many employees such as the drivers and the Business analysts are again paid on hourly and daily basis. This is an aspect that makes computing and calculating the salary amounts quite difficult and challenging a job. Once again in this context it needs to be mentioned that although the company does follow a policy of emiratization. Yet the company is not really devoid of the immigrant employees. As a result we also see that not all employees are equally qualified and skilled as often we see that the immigrant employees happens to be of better quality than the national elements. In this case discerning the salary factor amongst the employees even who are in the same level becomes quite difficult for the HR and the management of the company. Problem/Challenge at the Company: The previous section of the discussion clearly points out that the scope of the roles, responsibilities and the operational functions of the company RTA happens to be quite huge and voluminous. Hence the company HR does face some very serious challenges in their duties of manpower management and also regarding meeting the task of computing and giving out the salaries. In this case following could be the probable list of problems that the company might have to face as a result of its diversified manpower and their varied compensation requirement:

  • The employees of the company do not have the same terms and agreement regarding their employment and payment terms. In this case we see that the HR and the management of the company might have to face some problems regarding the rate fixation of the employees such as the drivers who do work for the company on the basis of hourly agreements.
  • The HR again could have problem regarding determining the package or the compensations slab of a particular role and responsibility or level of employee where we could see that both the national employees and the expatriate employees could be involved in the same team and the same hierarchy position. In that case there has to be a certain disparity in the payment and the compensation scale as the quality of the immigrant labor is often found to be high as in comparison to the national labor.
  • Once again we see that the other facilities that are provided to the national employees are not really provided to the immigrant labor such as flexible work hours as they don’t require such support. In this case the HR again as to set parity amongst employees of the same level has to think of other types of perks for these employees.

Recommendation: In the light of the previous section of the discussion we see that the company RTA though happens to be a dynamic organization yet has some inherent shortcomings in the compensation structure, style and design that its happens to follow. In this perspective we see that often the HR has to face some serious challenges and difficulties in setting the right balance of compensation packages that would both justify the efforts and toil of the worker and would also carve out a profit share for the company. Once again disparity in this case is something that the HR and the management of the company cannot really afford to indulge in. This is so because the salary or the element o commendation is very important for all employees as it is the basic thing for which all of us go to our work stations. Hence a disparity in the same could result into an upheaval amongst the employees at any point of time. Hence following are the list of recommendations for the company, so that its compensation package could be planed and maintained in a proper manner:

  • Hierarchy structure: The management and the HR have to take steps as per which the hierarchies of reporting and position has to be established. This will again discern the areas of operations and also the roles and responsibility specifications. This is a system that has to be followed in all the departments which will help to determine the compensation.
  • Salary slabs: Salaries has to be done and to be fixated as per the hierarchy levels that again help the employees to have a well structured salary slab that again happens to prevent any problem in the future.
  • Equal Employee skill: Employees whether national elements or immigrant labor has to be kept on the same level and are to be allotted with equal set of responsibilities must be equals in terms of their qualifications and skill sets
  • Equal benefits for employees: Employees who are expatriate labor are to be given the same set of benefits. To illustrate the same it could be said that if the national employees have flexible hours for religious practices then the immigrants should also be able to enjoy flexible work hours.
  • Equal opportunities for families: Both the set of families are to be treated equally
  • Bring the salary to a monthly basis: Even the drivers are to be paid on a monthly basis this will help the HR to compute the salaries.

Conclusion: On a concluding note it could be said that the RTA is one o the very significant companies of the city o Dubai and again plays very important role in the development and progress of the city. The company not juts facilitates the element of transport with in the city but also outside it in the nation and also with the neighboring nations. Hence the company is doing some really important work in terms of the development of the nation and also its economy and international prestige. Once again the organization is also extremely vital fro the citizens of Dubai and the whole of the nation. In this case we see that the organization again has to deal with a variety of the employees and happens to foster the case of the national elements of the UAE and the Dubai society. However in the filed of compensation the HR could have to concentrate a little more that will be helping the organization to make its employees perform further better in the coming future.

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