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Two years ago, on a Tuesday a little girl’s body has been found by a couple, walking around 3:30 p.m. They found her helpless little body laying on the ground under leaves and branches. Very easy to spot. She wasn’t breathing. Her clothes were ripped almost naked. She had lots of bruises and wounds on her arms and stomach. She had a very big wound on her head with lots of blood. The couple shocked and terrified quickly called the paramedics and police. Hurry, Hurry we’ve found a little girl! She doesn’t seem to be alive, I don’t know please hurry! yelled the lady. Were on our way give us the address. said the dispatcher. Were in Whittemore Gulch and Purisima Creek Loop trail, please come hurry! yelled the lady.

In less than 40 minutes, the paramedics have arrived at the scene, so have the police. They quickly get in action and ask the couple a few questions. The paramedics closely make observations and take photos of the scene.

Two days later, the body has been identified. Her name is Holly Amundson, age 6. This has been the girl who has been missing for 2 days. They have found the girls parents, who were full of hope on her search. They met up with the parents to tell them the depressing and downhearted news.

This isn’t fair at all, she never deserved this, she was a good girl only six with lots of big dreams! She has wonderful life ahead of her and all that got taken away of her! yelled the mother, Darla. Who’s responsible for this, you know who’s responsible for this! said furiously the farther, Aaron. I’m so sorry, we are currently doing anything and everything to find who is responsible for this. said the police.

The police have left. Darla and Aaron are still furious and sad about the news. Darla called her dad, Gus to tell him the heartbreaking news. It was a depressing day. They felt helpless and hopeless. They couldn’t do nothing for her. Nothing. Gus decided to take action and starts his searching.

Two years later, the culprit has been found. Michel Shaw.

It has been two years since Holly’s, it has been hard, but now.. Gus said. It has and has been even harder for Holly, my daughter is gone… said Darla. Gus gets his box of tools. Well, darling. It’s time.

Set up the other table and make it seem real. Let me just get this done. Have a little fun. We’ve been waiting for this. Gus said. Okay father, I will and have lots of fun.. said Darla.

Gus happily walks off with his tools. He places them on a wooden table. He slowly takes out his tools and places them carefully in order. The patient has a hard time screaming when the tape is onto his mouth.

Gus is annoyed. He turns on the radio to his favorite station, classical music. He first gets a thick big needle along with a thick thread. This will do.. Gus walks up to the operating table.

Gus rips the tape of his mouth and looks at him with no remorse. PLeAse STop! Gus quickly grabbed his lips and put a needle through his upper lip. He quickly sews it shut and hard. Gus doesn’t say anything. He walks back to where his tools are and gets a hammer and nails. He walks up to him with his hammer and nails, he still does not feel guilt nor feel sorry for him. Gus beings to nail his checks. On to his forehead he goes. The patient crying, groans of pain, trying so hard to move. Gus smirks. He gets the bolt cutters. He starts to take out his eyeball and replaces it with a Barbie’s head. His screams fade away, he has passed out at this point for to much pain and screaming.

The patient is a white male in his late 30s, currently unconscious and breathing just fine. He wakes up. He can’t move, but looks around confused. He still has all the wounds that Gus had made. A doctor and a nurse have walked in. The doctor takes a good close look at him. Should I call a anesthesiologist? said the nurse.

I’m afraid not.


Not enough time.. Terribly sorry, Mr. Shaw I can’t give you any anesthesia or pain relief at this time. You might get into a coma from which you won’t be able to return. The doctor said. Scissors. The nurse hands him some scissors. He carefully starts cutting off the thread that has been sewed onto his mouth. Mmmm. He groans in pain. The doctor has successfully cut off the thick thread. The nurse stares without being disgusted and sorry. Mphm. The patient is breathing hard and tries to open his mouth. Thank you…mphm..thank you.. The doctor carefully wipes on his lips to clean out the blood. Bite down on this. The nurse inserts a small little sponge for him to bite on to drain out some blood. The doctor pulls out forceps. He starts taking out the nails one by one. The patient is groaning in pain. Almost done, I’m going fast as I can. He cleans off the blood. Curved forceps please. The nurse hands him the forceps and removes the little sponge out his mouth. The patient breathing hard said,He wa- didn’t want to stop mphm he did so much to me, he just would not stop. The nurse incerts another little sponge to his mouth. It’s ok Mr. Shaw, you’re with us now. Now hold still.

The doctor carefully removes the bandage off his right eye. He just goes right in his eye and gets out a Barbie’s head. More bandage please. The nurse hands him some more pads and he carefully places them on his eye. Thank you doctor..I thought i was going to die.thank god..this is all over.. He opens his eyes in shock. It isn’t over… we were just getting started. smiling said Gus. The Doctor unmasks himself. He looks around, at the nurse, the doctor and at Gus. The patient breathes heavily. Molly’s favorite.. said Aaron the father of Molly. Gus puts his hand on the patient’s mouth, he is unable to breathe. You might want to close the door Darla…it’s getting a bit noisy. said Gus. Ok father…he doesn’t deserve it.. said Darla. Of course he doesn’t. said Darla’s husband, Aaron.

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