Reforms Of The Electoral College

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The Electoral college is not going to changed by any means and there are far more urgent and assuring topics for reform in the selection of the president. Even though the electoral college no longer serves its original purpose; giving that makes a candidate not favored to win by the majority to elect the president. There has been multiply incidents that 3 presidential candidate won by the getting the more electoral votes than the popular vote but didnt really affect the principle of democracy.

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The Founding Fathers chose the electoral college system because of the two ways of electing a leader by congress and by the American people by popular vote. The method of the Electoral college maintained the agreements on representation, after the fact of the presidency of George Washington was no longer the overall consensus candidate to be president. Electoral College isnt without its flaws and has advantages to the presidential candidate with a larger base support in a lot of States, who can win huge majorities in several other large states.

Thus promoting national apparition rather than a regional one; this promotes a presidential politics of a two party base system, which over more dominant to multiply party systems where it will eliminate too much leverage given to a candidate. Having a two party system gives the presidential candidate more cost saving campaigning that they have to do especially in the battleground states. Knowing what we know now ,the Founding Fathers would not have adopted the Electoral College System into the presidential race. If people want to change the Electoral college System it would require three quarters of the legislatures and two-thirds vote from both houses of Congress to changed it but this will not likely happen due to the more important suppressing issues on the American peopler’s minds.


The winner take all system favors the majority over the minority. This system allows the candidate to obtain all the electoral votes by winning the popular vote. Even if the vote counts difference is marginal Allowing several states to be the factor of the presidential election due to the popular vote in those states. winner-take-all allocation has numerous pernicious effects on the electoral process in addition to its potential impact on outcome. As many observers have complained, the winner-take-all system causes candidates to focus resources and visits on a handful of close states, while slighting or completely ignoring the others.

Perhaps more importantly, significant evidence suggests that non-swing states receive less attention from presidents while in office and that the concerns of swing- state voters disproportionately drive the national agenda. Winner- take-all also has a variety of negative effects on the electoral process itself. It effectively deprives consistent political minorities within a state of any representation in the presidential election. from a more pragmatic point of view, a move to change the winner-take-all system at the national level potentially lacks one obstacle that other electoral college reform efforts have encountered: the opposition of states that believe they will lose power if the reforms are a success. The bonuses given to states with a small population or a large percentage of nonvoters generally play a minor role in the operation of the electoral college overall.

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