Racism in Schools

What is racism? Racism is where someone thinks you’re inferior because of your colour, ethnicity, nationality or race. The preconceived judgment or discrimination that is directed towards individuals with different beliefs or race, stated by predictable dictionary. Unfortunately, racism can be seen almost everywhere even in a high school where teasing, name-calling, bullying, verbal abuse and exclusion are all these types of racism can be nowadays found in high schools, where all kinds of people – be it teachers, students or workers – face with negative effects of racism.

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Racism is ugly. It divides people into “us” and “them”, based on where we come from or the colour of our skin. Students from different races and communities find it extremely hard to make friends with other students from the other races circles. For Example, In “ How to Tame a Wild Tongue” by Gloria Anzaldua, when Gloria Anzaldua being caught speaking spanish at recess, she got three licks on the knuckles with a sharp ruler and she sent to the corner of the class for talking back to the anglo teacher and she has to listen something like this“If you want to be American, speak ‘American’. If you don’t like it, go back to Mexico where you belong”.

When things like that happen, that means there is no social growth observed within the communities because sociability is compromised Another reason why racism should be eradicated lies within the fact that some students reject their own parental and culture values. When got discriminated for their culture, students begin to make themselves fit in the mainstream culture. As a result, they leave their parental and cultural values just to avoid prejudice. For example, In “Notes of a Native Son” by James Baldwin, son follows almost american culture and far from his father and culture and rarely talked with his father and he realized everything after his death, This leads to the identity confusion. New people don’t know who they are anymore and what place they really belong to. Racism has also been one of the most important reasons for the students to drop out schools and colleges . Being discriminated, students start hating school and try to stay away from it. They give preference to stay alone rather than meet the ones who tease them. It’s nothing new that they end up dropping out of school. This, in turn, has a major negative effect on their lives. They end up getting frustrated and even involved in cases of suicides and sometimes crimes in order to somehow make a living.

Even the teachers have been somehow affected by racism. They are being bullied or teased either by the fellow teachers or students, and, as a result, they lose confidence in their professional ability to teach and passion for teaching. They end up with being unwilling to go to work and have a depression. This lowers their academic performance that affects the education system, as a whole. This is one more solid argument why should racism be totally eliminated. You will be surprised to know that some people have tried to point out some positive sides of racism. According to the opinions of some of them, the racist experience can help an person to grow into a stronger person. How do they argue this? To their mind, one can gain more pronounced toughness levels in the process of resisting and respond to the discrimination.

This argument has been an error from the very beginning. The thing is that racism has been proven to cause self doubts and low self esteem that can turn an individual into a weak and unhappy person. School teachers, students and their parents – they cannot become stronger and more successful as a result of racism. Therefore, racism is now one of the most crucial bad traits and we must address it in the most serious way. Racism has become the reason of lower academic performance. Moreover, it has also affected the health statement of its victims and highly compromised sociality in high schools. All the effects discussed above have resulted in weak community that high school relations and poor educational section. For sure, without a doubt, it is highly important to take anti-racism measures in schools in order to prevent the sad racism cases in the future and to make our world where there is no racism of any type like color of skin, race, belief etc.

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