Racial Discrimination in History and Today

America preaches integral action and practices segregation Malcolm X says. Americas viewing of each other isn’t always prominent. Throughout many diverse sources I have found that racial discrimination is portrayed through many races, even one’s own race. If this is true for all races, then how come someone who is only one-fourth white is considered a mutt by our society? Well, unfortunately society considers African Americans as the minority, so this became a centralized way to judge rather someone be the equivalent to either white or black.. Rather that being said, the racist never really focus on the ethnicity of oneself rather even realizing their own ethnicity at the time. Ethnicity comes from a whole developed with the greek language, ethnicity basically meaning nation. Although ethnicity is used now to describe a person’s background, there are two different definitions of ethnicity, broad and narrow. The broad definition belongs to a group being a social displayed by race,national origin and religion.

The narrow definition refers to groups that are based on either cultural or national-origin characteristics. The cultural characteristics being language, and the national-original characteristics being the country from which a person or his/her ancestors came. Today, the narrower definition is more preferred by social scientists because it matches up more precisely with the original Greek meaning of nationality. Ethnocentrism should also be mentioned here because this is a big cause of racism today. Ethnocentrism is the belief that your group or country believes that they are better than all the other groups and countries in the world. Although today we are here to speak on the topics of same race discrimination and some of the outlying charactersitics to what kind of discrimination we have todday.

For instance, trump is building a wall to remove all illegal citizens. Most of all Hispanic and muslim descent. The organization D.A.C.A. ( Deferred Action For Childhood Arrivals) is an american immigration policy that allows some individuals who were brought to the U.S. illegally as children to receive a renewable two-year period of deferred action from deportation and become eligible for a workers permit in the U.S. Donald trump believes that all people not born as a citizen must be shut out, starting with the removal of this program. Being so, this caused rallys of people holding signs stating continue the dreamers. Being this said President Trump Applying tons of contradictions to this being of his own descent. So therefore, lets focus back on our very own leaders ethnicity as a family whole. Donald trump’s father Fred trump was born in germany an immigrant for 19 years before coming to america and becoming a us citizen. His mother was born in stornoway scotland and was in the u.s. Illegally for 13 years. Donald trump displays much racial discrimination throughout his career and life time. Racial discrimination through some black news reporters at his speeches and also many people of his own descent.

This being said discrimination may come through any background. In october 2018, pop star singer and rapper Kanye west and donald trump met up together in chicago. While this being said kanye posted a facebook photo wearing a make america great again hat, one of donald trump’s known slogans. This caused a uproar in the internet against most blacks and whites due to how horribly trump has treated anyone of color. Many african americans started to through out racial slurs to kanye, discriminating against kanye in such little sentences such as he’s not very bright to be hanging with such a pig, looks like he’s almost the black version now. – anonymous. A post that was published to The Washington Post even stated it’s depressing to see a gifted artist reduced to grade school provocation, claiming that wearing one of trump’s signature hats is an act of courage.

Furthermore, When we look at physical characteristics such as skin color from the social definition perspective, there is no clear meaning, but these characteristics do have what is referred to as social meaning. Pierre van den Berghe defined a racial group as a “human group that defines itself and/or is defined by other groups as different from other groups by virtue of innate and immutable physical characteristics”. Racial group distinctions are based upon ideological racism, which links physical qualities to the lesser or greater cultural and intellectual characteristics. Originating more than one hundred years ago, people with only one-eighth African ancestry, but even without any physical characteristics normally. Although racial discrimination is displayed through acts of the minority, people of caucasian descent can be targeted as well. On a daily basis we may hear things such as freaking white people or you dress like a white person almost as if we are stereotyping a white category. White discrimination can be displayed in one of the most popular coffee places in the world known as starbucks. This coffee places gets all types of stereotyping and discrimination. Such as only wealthy people drink from this store, or this is a white people coffee place while dunkin donuts is for the minority. In april 2017, there was a arrest in a starbucks for a black person who was trying to use the washroom, but was not a customer starting up a riot against the whites for being racist almost. Making statements that starbucks is not just a racially white store and should be open to all public. Although many workers do feel attacked because they are seen as a store for only those of pale skin, when really most of the workers are the most welcoming people.

Initially, racial discrimination is not just the center of today’s time, it also was a huge spark in history. Let’s go back to the late 1800’s. Many groups may be widely known such as, KKK (ku klux klan) founded in 1865 as a secret society. as well as the UNIA (universal negro improvement association) founded in 1914 by a jamaican immigrant. The KKK being know to absolutely hate the african american race, causing riots, and a disturbance to peace by killing a brutally threatening the black race. While the UNIA being an organization in which african americans got together to build strong bonds to work against racial discrimination such as groups like the KKK. although my main topic has been about whites against the minority i would like to talk about the reverse. The MOVE group is a black liberation group founded in pennsylvania by john africa. They believed in many ideologies such as Anchor-primitivism, animal rights, and black liberation. They were very discreet believing in the whites racially discriminating against them, especially the police officers believing that they were out to get them. Move was ordered to evacuate their houses in 1978 in order to give rights to other blacks that felt almost trapped when they gather together to strive over there conspiracies.

Unfortunately the move violated to remove themselves from their homes causing the police officers to violently bomb their houses after many rages and altercation that the move has set out for the authorities. This lead to a lot of shootouts and burned houses. This initial fire killed almost thirty people majority of ages 3-13. After this incident simmered down, in the next couple of years the society move would meet in court with some of the police officers. Mainly giving out their idealism behind why they didn’t evacuate their premises. Many police authorities believed that a child should never have to grow up a certain way. Although the police were in the wrong by bombing somewhat of innocent people, this dilemma did take a toll out on them for the worst. Being most police in this time were white, causing an uproar especially because the move group was fighting for liberation.

Hence, race is one of the main topics of violence in today’s time, the ratio of racial violence in the U.S. is for every ethnicity group 46.7% of people commit hate crimes. The least tolerant country is jordan. Racial tolerance is low in the ethnically diverse asian countries. western , central europe and the U.S. are racially tolerant. The second most racist country is india, african americans are especially affected by racism in india, denied living accommodations and even attacked or killed. A large portion of racial discrimination in the U.S. is in the labor market. There are two types of discrimination in the work unit, being disparate treatment and disparate impact. Disparate treatment being that an employee is treated differently than one another due to color, or race and disparate impact is rather a practice or rule that one should be treated differently in the workplace to protect rather. Race also plays a huge role in housing, for every 1 in 5 blacks and every 1 in 4 hispanics. Racial segregation is not just a poll between blacks and whites.

Race is also violated within the medical field. For example the Serena williams case was a huge topic of 2018. After her birth of her daughter via c-section the tennis player began to feel shortness of breath and ludicrous amounts of pain. It took her multiples to convince her nurse that something was actually wrong with her, before the nurse eventually took action. The doctor eventually ordered a CT scan showing that she has blood clots forming in her lungs and also a hematoma in her abdomen. If this isn’t treated within the time serena could’ve died shortly after her daughter birth. Looking at many files, pain heard from people of color at some hospitals is an understatement due to the pain heard from someone who is of a caucasian descent.

Overall, Racial discrimination was a more persistent topic in the late 1800’s- all the way to the end of the 1900’s. Although today racial division is still a huge part of our centuries struggle, it doesn’t just affect only americans. Racial discrimination does have a big role even through the same race. Not only that but discrimination has it effects on people’s thinking rather that be towards someone of higher wealth or even the kind of dog they have. not only through race but through many other topics, almost anything you can think of. Discrimination does exist. Being a great importance to the world because it affects the way we treat each other no just through the media but through everyday lifestyles. Occasionally, same race discrimination is an existing event, something so powerful that no matter what skin color you have you can be affected somehow and someday. Initally i believe that if we do everything to see every person as just one we can change the way our future looks at one another, no matter who it is, what the color the skin is, or the person riding next to you on the bus or the guy in you woods class, or even the husband of your sister. We ae ONE.

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