Pros and Cons of Single Sex School and Classroom

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In my opinion majority of students in the school system whether it’s public or private sees school as a nightmare however when you bring in the idea of single sex schools or classrooms you’re starting a war. When I ask some of my friends the summer before junior year how they were enjoying their high school most said the typical “oh it fine” or “I mean its school so”. However some said that they didn’t like there school and was thinking of transferring and when asked whether or not they would come to my school or our brothering school they quickly declined. When asked why they when into great detail about how bad the idea of going to a single gender school let alone a single sex classroom was without any knowing of one.

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“Pros and Cons of Single Sex School and Classroom”

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So when telling them about my experience of actually attending a single sex school my whole high school years we talked about the pros and cons of them and compared the to my previous schools. So after talking they got some insight about how a single sex school is from my perspective however we came to the conclusion of ‘lets agree to disagree’. I also realized that many people only see the bad and I want to attempt to change that so in this essay ill tell my experience at both a coed and single sex school, give the pros and cons of both, the social climate of both and how they are different, and give my finally thoughts on same sex school/classroom and rather or not are worth it.

For most of my school life,k-8th,I went to coed schools meaning that every part of the day was around boys and girls in both in our regular classes, in extra curriculum activities and social groups. During those years I was more prone to having male friends because most of my family is male and because of this I got of backlash from most of the girls in the class. I also was a somewhat decent student as terms of my grades and the relationships I had with my teacher and this also got backlash so I tend to only have one or two close female friends throughout those years.

However the grades of the over all schools wasn’t the best and the school had to close because they didn’t met the academic requirement that were needed. And personally I can see the problems that happened with the schools although I loved them and spent most of my time in coed school I can honesty say that I don’t remember most of the information that was taught to us. Also I didn’t feel comfortable participating in class as fear of getting ridiculed because I said something wrong or I wasn’t the best reader. However I never believed I would attend any other school them coed and frankly I didn’t believed same sex public schools existed in the United States let alone the state of Georgia until my freshman year.

When starting high school i expected to attend Grady high school with my best friend but that didn’t happen. By the time my mother attempted to sign me up in June the school was full based on the first comes first served method and the school in my district wasn’t one me mom or I wanted me to attend because of the bad things I heard about it for friends that went there. So I we went to the broad of education and voiced our concern, more of my mother then me, about how I didn’t feel comfortable about going to the school and wanted to see if I could go to a school that is a out of my district. After long discussion they decided on three opinions one being attend the school of my district, the second being move with my dad to attend Douglass High school or attend Coretta Scott King Young Women Leadership Academy High school. And as son as I heard that Coretta Scott King was a all girl school the thought of going to the school of my district didn’t seem like a bad opining anymore.

As long as I have been in school I never expected to attend to a all girl school for a year let alone my whole high school experience. I as so against the idea that I actually begged against it and went as far as to bargain to move with my dad to go to the school of his district. However after a week of not being enrolled in any school I had no chose to but to attend Coretta Scott King Young Women Leadership Academy (CSKYWLA) at the beginning of my 9th grade year. And personally I have to say that I loved my high school why more then I would have thought when first walked through those doors.

I became why more outspoken then when I first came and learned more then I did at any of my other schools. I developed long lasting friendships with girls I never imagined I would just three years before and now I would have to thank my high school for better class structure and academic system that I use now. But I know that some people will say that what the real difference between the a coed and same sex classroom/school so lets look at the pros and the cons of a school like Coretta Scott King.

One of the pros of same sex classrooms from the four years I was there are that there’s no distraction of boys in the classrooms. Although I am comfortable around boys in class they do bring distraction with loud outburst and it can honesty say I haven’t seen it in the lass room as much as I would have at one of my past schools. Girls are also more prone to be open in class discussions as there’s not really a fear of be teased about getting the wrong answer.

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