Project Service about Drug Abuse

Project Service About Drug Abuse

Project services involve activities that an individual executes with the intention of helping others in the society. The idea is being a volunteer and not expect anything out of the services offered. It is an important activity since it gives an individual a chance to help others with their problems.

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Also, it helps improve the status of the community since a given issue is easily solved. When in the services, one has an added advantage of gaining experience and learn more about a specific job. The service can also be in line with the career one is pursuing and hence get a chance to apply what they have learned. The Godbold School of Business gives the students chances to engage in the service projects and get to know more about specific issues in the society.

In the society, there are increased cases of drug abuse among the youths at an alarming rate. Therefore, there is need of urgent campaign on how to help the youth keep away from the drugs. According to Dart et al (2015), there are increased abuse of prescribed opioid. The practice has resulted in increased mortality rate which affects the performance of the society.

I embarked on a campaign to make people aware of the immediate side effects of involving themselves in drug abuse. In the process, I enquired the main reasons behind drug abuse so as to know the best way to help the victims.
The whole process involved engaging conversations with people on the streets on how to help others overcome the drug abuse. In the process, I involved other members and requested them to continue with the campaign. Surprisingly, most of them admitted that the main issue with drug abuse is the peer pressure and lack of awareness.

For instance, when it comes to prescription drugs, they do not know when they overdose for instance opioid (Dart et al., 2015). In such a case, I shared useful information on how to effectively handle the prescription. For example, I advised them to always take the prescriptions as indicated by a doctor or a physician. Also, the issue involving the peer pressure, one must have established firm grounds and make sure they stand on their own perspective. In the process, the friends will learn to respect the grounds and maybe stop abusing the drugs due to the influence of a good role model friend.

The second activity was going virtual where I used the social network to spread awareness among the general population. Yonker et al. (2015) affirm that social media is one of the most effective ways to communicate with teenagers and adolescents. Using the social media network, I engaged in conversation and a debate focusing on the side effects of drugs abuse. I also posted messages to help an individual avoid prescription drug abuse. People actively participated and they shared experiences and life history on how they have been able to overcome the addiction.

Having such experiences helped to show that it was possible to terminate the drug abuse behavior.
Borrowing from other ideas, I was able to mobilize a group that helped in the passing the information to other people in the society. In the school, for instance, I established a rapport with other students as it would help in revealing the problems they are experiencing. In collaboration with the institution, we analyzed different institutions that handle drug addicts. It was a way of encouraging individuals to come forward and get help.

The whole exercise was fun since I had a chance to pass knowledge and awareness on how to handle drugs. The project was of real help since it helped to pass information to teenagers and save their life. It engaged different bodies and covered most of the ground. For instance, relying on the social media, the Twitter handle #AbstainfromDrugs trended and the whole institution became aware. From the statistics, teenagers are the most affected by the drugs and hence I took it as a duty to act as an agent to increase self-awareness.

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