Poverty in the United States


The purpose of this paper is to highlight a critical issue in the United States. This is of grave concern for not only the American government, but for all the citizens in the country. Poverty is a detriment to our country and to its people that we need to make all aware of.

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When I think of poverty I think of children and Homeless Veterans going hungry. This paper on poverty will also assist in examining sociological theories and social concepts that pertain to the topic in question and will help provide a better view and meaning for the understanding of poverty.

A look into American Poverty.

Poverty, what is it? Poverty is the state of being impecunious and unable to support oneself and or family in a financial supportive fashion. Poverty can have many social impacts in regard to families, social status’s, and or educational impacts on the children involved in the poverty based home. I personally believe that poverty has always been around in the United States in one way or another throughout our country’s wonderful history. Poverty also can be found throughout the world when we look at other country’s such as England, Russia, and especially North Korea.

Poverty in the United states has been steady due to the lack of willingness to pursue stronger careers, education and or fields that offer career growth. Many Americans return to work after having failed paths, careers or financial distress, but when they choose to return to work most American’s choose the wrong career and or field of work with sub-par financial support structuring to meet their financial obligation. Many American’s especially the younger generation of this era we are in take the first job they find and lack the knowledge and or experience to obtain their growth in a company and fail to think of a career that can start with minimal pay, but can offer the potential to advance in their career and advance in the company to higher earnings for a more financially stable foundation for oneself and family to potentially avoid the poverty status(Poverty, 2018).

In 2017 for poverty the median showed by the U.S. Census Bureau was documented at $77,713 compared to the 2016 median of a 1.3% difference. The Poverty rate for the United States in 2017 was a great year as our country saw a decrease in the Poverty rate by 0.4% compared to the 2017 Poverty Rate. What we see as the leading group in the United States for Poverty are the citizens with the lack of a formal education and or formal training in a specialized craft. The group we see in our country with at a minimum of a bachelor’s degree have a lower rate of poverty vs. the uneducated group in our country’s statistics of poverty.

With 2017 Poverty rates we can see a decrease in the military veterans and disabled veterans throughout the United States as we know in history veterans were among some of the highest rates in regard to poverty (Fontenot, K, 2018).

Veterans and poverty.

Although when we think of poverty, we often think of the homeless man or woman on the corner and fail to take into account their story and or potential history like if their a displaced veteran with a condition whether it be physical and or psychological. Veterans are among some of the most homeless and suffering from poverty due to their displacement in society. The displacement is caused by biased individuals, companies and organizations that fail to accommodate a veteran with disabilities that require special accommodations for their employment within the desired hiring company. I personally experienced this when I was medically retired from the United States Army back in the end of 2016. I had companies interview me for management positions all the way down to junior i.t. technician positions and was denied the position due to my Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and my Traumatic Brain Injury that I listed on the disability paperwork, I know this due to having applied with future companies and not listing my disability’s I was hired with no issue. You see society has an objected view towards military service veterans as they have no concept of our part in society and what we truly due in our day to day lives as soldiers, air men, marines, and sailors. Society’s view’s of soldiers and veterans are based off what they see on ***

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