Police and its Reputation

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Police Brutality

In our current climate due to the police’s actions, they have earned a bad reputations. Some of their actions are beating up innocent civilians, not following laws, and how times have changed. Now people are scared of the police because of what they have done and now civilians do not feel safe whenever they are around them.

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“Police and its Reputation”

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We should not be afraid of police, as we should now. Everyone now a days are now afraid of the police because of recent stories of them brutally beating innocent and unarmed civilians. On the website, there is also a video that shows the police brutally beating up an innocent civilians. The policemen are suppose to help protect and serve the state instead of beating up civilians that have done nothing to deserve that. The innocent civilian was on the phone outside, when a cop pulled him to the side and slammed his head to the wall. When his head was slammed against the wall, three other cops were there and they also helped beat up the civilian. This is one of the actions that the police have done in order to get the bad reputation.

The police are setting a bad example. The law says to do specific things in a specific way, and what to do and what not to do. The police thinks because they are part of the law, they believe that they can not follow laws, like for example, you can not have an electronic out while your driving, yet they have a laptop opened, or their phones out. The police are suppose to set a good example so everyone can follow the laws. Laws are made for a reason and that is a good reason why everyone should follow them. Another way of the police breaking laws, is having possession of drugs. They believe that they can get away with having their own possession of drugs because they are cops, therefore they are breaking the laws. Another reason is using their lights just to get rid of traffic. They use their lights so they do not have to wait for the light to turn green, they simply turn on their lights, so everyone can move out the way so they can pass.

Times have changed from how it was back then and now. Police would spend hours talking a shooter or a gang member to step down and to quit doing what their doing. But now the police thinks that the only option they have is to just start pulling triggers. Now that they believe that every time they are in danger, they believe that they should start killing people without any consequences. Some of the other changes that happened are when there are shootings, police used to run away from it, but now they run towards action so they can take control of what is happening. The police should be able to not leave the last result to ending a life when they can change that person to do better. Cops should start going back to their own ways to start talking to the person doing crime, rather than killing them. Often times the cops mostly take away black lives.

Some policemen are good cops unlike others. I believe that not all cops are the same, some cops can be nice or mean depending on their mood. Cops are a way of letting people know that they are there to help, and they should know that they will be safe. Cops are a way of protecting life and making sure that in every way possible, that everyone is safe. People now believe that all cops are the same because of other cops actions, people are now afraid of cops because of what they might do.

In conclusion, cops do not follow laws, they brutally beats civilians, and over the times when times have changed, cops changed. Police brutality is a very bad thing because the police are supposed to protect and serve instead of brutally beat innocent civilians.

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