Opioid Abuse and Healthcare Programs

Opioid Abuse and Healthcare Programs Gracie Serna Evangel University BEHV 296: Sophomore Seminar Professor Nunnally February 20, 2019 Opioid Abuse in Healthcare Programs

Opioid abuse of prescription medication is a problem that many people face. Opioid prescriptions are addictive and are known to be prescribed for pain relief. Healthcare professionals are making some changes in healthcare plans known as Medicaid to take action to prevent opioid abuse. The changes in healthcare include programs, limits and restrictions.

Addiction to opioids are a problem. According to Custer (2017), “The Center for Disease Control estimated that ninety one people die every day from opioid abuse.” (p. 40). This author explain in his article that pain management in health care has led to overusing opioid prescription drugs. The overusing of these drugs lead to death and other health problems. The author also talks about healthcare professionals who run insurance plans had decided to make changes according to managing prices that would affect the value of pain management and made assessments to be aware of the risks of opioids for healthcare professionals letting the patients be aware of the risks as well. Healthcare professionals have also have located places where people have been involved in opioid addiction or abuse. Professionals has taken action to prevent issues of opioids by setting up programs to teach about the effect on opioids. Opioid prescriptions are known to be very expensive and has had many costs in insurance plans. This has been an issue because people are spending a lot of money that is not affordable and because of the impact of addiction it is a heavy financial load. Therefore, the populations are treated through affordable therapy as healthcare insurances make costs more affordable that have more potential of being at risk. Opioid abuse and addiction provide many issues that are financial, health problems. Healthcare professionals has reviewed health care plans in order to make changes decreasing risk of negative effects of opioids and provide knowledge on those negative effects.

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Prescription for opioids are often abused through health care programs. According to Keast, L., Nesser N., & Farmer K., (2014), “Costs for Medicaid patients with abuse/dependence related diagnoses were higher without a related diagnosis with health care programs known as Medicaid and Medicare.” (p. 1) Through prevention and limits to prevent abuse high cost, and overdoes, prevention methods of opioid abuse started with limiting the amount of prescriptions in pharmacies and when they are prescribed by doctors. There were also contracts between pharmacies and prescribers to give out the right amount of limits on medication. Another program that was talked about is step therapy programs that gave general education on medications. Age restrictions were also a part of the new rules on opioid prescriptions being prescribed to people. Age appropriate medicine was prescribed and changed to be less costly. All of the changes through the healthcare programs were to prevent the abuse and overdoes of prescribed medication. Overall, health care programs should continue to help prevent the abuse of opioids.

The two journal articles I have reviewed has given me the education on the impact of opioid abuse. What I have learned about reading two articles is the issues known as overdoes, addiction, and death cause by opioids and how health care is trying to prevent the issues of opioids. I have also learned that opioids are a huge and common problem. When health care individuals provide the knowledge of opioid abuse it has made a difference according to these articles, overdoes rates will go down and limits will cause people to become less addictive and less costs of money spent of medicine. References Custer, W. S. (2017). The opioid epidemic and health plans. Journal of Financial Service Professionals. 71 (5), 40-42. .Keast, S. L., Nesser, N., & Farmer, K. (2014). Strategies aimed at controlling misuse and abuse of opioid prescription medications in a state medicaid program: A policymaker’s perspective. The American Journal of Drug and Alcohol Abuse, 41(1), 1-6. doi:10.3109/00952990.2014.988339

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