Nuclear Power: A Complicated Theme

Nuclear power       

 For debate, the use of nuclear power is a vast topic. It is an alternative way to reduce the dependence on fossil fuels. Nuclear power could change the world because it is a perspective technology. It has enormous benefits for human because it has minimal adverse side effects and good yield, as the demand for energy only continues to grow. In this era, the greatest hope and biggest fears for humanities is the invention of the nuclear power plant.        

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Nuclear power is a non-renewable source and produces less pollution than many of our current energy sources, such as coal fire and natural gas plants. Nuclear power is a cheaper source of fuel and emits less Co2 gas than any of our other energy sources. One of the most environmentally friendly ways to produce large amounts of energy is nuclear power. As compared to hydro or wind energy, nuclear reaction releases a million times more energy.        

Nuclear power plants have a continuous output of power and operate reliably. The nuclear power plant is relatively cheaper to operate however they are expensive to build. Because of advanced technologies support which made nuclear energy safe and efficient, it is easy to maintain. However, it does have a nuclear waste which is harmful to the human world and the environment. It also has a risk of an accident which leads to exposure or leakages of radiation resulting thousands of casualties. Renewable source of energy has a higher rate of waste if they fail and are too costly to keep up. When the term nuclear power gets usually used we immediately think about the wars and bombs. Nuclear power can be used to develop dangerous nuclear weapons. Nuclear weapons have been used to attack may countries during war resulting in the deaths of thousands of people and the contamination or destruction of an area.

For example, During World War II American deployed world’s first atomic bomb over the Japanese city Hiroshima and after three days they dropped another bomb in city Nagasaki which immediately killed 1,20,000 peoples altogether and killed more people after exposure of the radiation. It wiped out 90% of the city. That incident created nuclear threat around the world. However, the electricity we use now comes from the nuclear energy which is not dangerous. As we know, it is the nonrenewable source, so it supplies are limited. Nuclear power remains controversial in todays world. There are both advantages and disadvantages sides of it, but it has a significant role to play in years to come.

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