New Deals during the Great Depression

The great depression started when there was a stock market crash in 1929. Everything lost its value so everyone lost their jobs because businesses would be losing money. The people that still had jobs, now had to live off of much smaller paycheck. Many families didnt have enough money to pay for their food, home, or other essential needs. Franklin Roosevelt saw how the turn in the economy was affecting civilians. So he made a proposal called New Deals. New Deals are a series of social and economical programs to bring the U.S. out of the Great Depression. The response to Roosevelts New Deals were very effective. He helped unemployed people and their family to get homes, jobs, and benefited businesses too.

The economy during the Great Depression had major paycheck cuts. According to The Nations Sick Economy, some Americans became wealthy, many more could not earn a decent living. This means people started losing their houses because they couldnt pay for it since their paycheck didnt cover as much as it use to. There was a New Deal Act targeting this problem. According to Document D, National Housing Act authorizes low rent public housing projects. This means that there was a place for people to live that they could afford when their original house became too expensive. This was very helpful in this tough time because instead of people getting kicked out of their house and having to live on a street, they have a possibly smaller house to live in that is 10 times better than living out on the street.

During the Great Depression, the economy started having the value of items go down. This affected businesses because they had to sell a bunch more and have the same outcome of profits. According to Document A, the number of bank suspensions in 1933 is 4,004. This shows how bad the Great Depression was just the banks alone. Imagine how bad all the other businesses are doing. According to Document D, there was a New Deal called the Reconstruction Finance Corporation that granted emergency loans to banks, life insurance companies, and railroads. This New Deal is a good thing because it helped keep banks and other companies in business better because they were given enough money to pay all their fees during this tough time.

As a result of businesses profits being cut, the workers also started having a rough time. Workers paychecks were also cut to help businesses pay their expenses and still make a profit. According to Document B, All 3 people agree that chief need is money. They think this because nobody is making enough to live off of so money is the most important thing right now. The money will buy food, shelter, water, clothing, and pay other bills. Money is very essential at this time. According to Document F The unemployment rate from 1933-1938 has decreased. This is because Roosevelt created many different New Deals letting businesses higher people, giving workers good pay, and still making a profit. This is a very good thing because it is allowing people to get an income and letting people be able to support their families.

In each paragraph, they show what happened before and after the New Deals were made and how that affected how the population would react to it. The New deals helped the economy get out of the Great Depression a lot. It helped the economy not have a lot of businesses close, and allowed people to get food and jobs.

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