Different Ways the Nazis Killed Women and Children

Essay 1 The Nazi Army had absolutely no problem eliminating Jewish women and children. In the book, Night, it explains all the different ways the Nazis killed women and children. The book makes it pretty clear that they had no issue with killing them. The videos we watched in class also gave vivid descriptions of what took place in the camps. The Nazis did not struggle with this decision in the least bit. One reason is because on pages 62-65 in the book it explains how the SS men hung the small boy. Even though some of the men had an issue carrying out the execution, three SS men gladly took their place. In the mind of the Nazis, Jewish children where just the same as Jewish adults, after all they would one day become adults themselves. Jewish babies were also thrown into the air for “target practice. ” In my opinion, people who “struggle” with decisions regarding life and death do not do these terrible acts to children. When families arrived at the camps, women and small children were separated from the men. The SS officers would throw women and children into a fire alive. They also lined the women up, some still holding their children, and shot them. The women and children had their clothes taken from them. We saw this illustrated in a picture we looked at in class. A few of the unfortunate children were used for medical “experiments. ” Twins were considered extremely rare and fascinating to the Nazis. Children were regularly chosen as subjects for these “experiments. Over one million Jewish children died in the Holocaust at the hands of the Nazis. Anywhere from 2. 9 to 3 million Jewish women also died. In conclusion, any Jew of any age was fair game for the Nazis. Their main goal was to eliminate them regardless of the age or the sex. These are some of the reasons I believe this is true. Nazis definitely did not struggle with their decision on this matter. The SS had absolutely no understanding of the value of life.

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